What happened to Jacqui in Blue Bloods?

What happened to Jacqui in Blue Bloods?

What happened to Jacqui in Blue Bloods?

Jackie was written out of Season 3 in a way that didn’t quite give her character the closure she deserved. Jackie took an extended leave from work for her mental health and was never heard from again. The behind-the-scenes details surrounding Jennifer’s dismissal are also quite upsetting.

What is Jackie’s last episode on Blue Bloods?

Jennifer was last seen in the Blue Bloods season three episode “Nightmares,” in which her character, Jackie, explained that she was taking a leave of absence from law enforcement because of stress.

Why did Esposito leave Blue Bloods?

In the third season Esposito was diagnosed with celiac disease and, after collapsing on set, Esposito informed CBS that her condition would limit her availability to work on the series. Rather than work around her limited schedule, Blue Bloods producers chose to write her character out of the series in 2012.

Where is Danny Reagan’s house on Blue Bloods?

The house (exterior) where the Reagan clan have their Sunday Dinner is located at 8070 Harbor View Terrace in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (opposite the Verrazano Bridge).

Why did Danny’s oldest son leave Blue Bloods?

In 2018, Tony Terraciano took a leave from the show when he began attending college. Blue Bloods showrunners explained this absence by writing the character’s leave for college into the show. This works perfectly because when Tony has time to return to the show when Jack has time to visit his family.

What is Amy Carlson doing now after Blue Bloods?

2018–present: Current work Following Blue Bloods, Carlson worked recurring roles on The Society and The Village. She also shot films Sunny Daze, The Incoherents, A Bread Factory Part One, and the indie horror film Know Fear.

Did Nicky leave Blue Bloods?

The last time Gayle’s Nicky made an appearance on “Blue Bloods” was back in Season 11, Episode 3 (via IMDb). The character moved to West Coast for a new job, but it’s been expected that she’d return to New York one day to join her family at the dinner table during a visit.