What happened at the soccer game in Mexico?

What happened at the soccer game in Mexico?

What happened at the soccer game in Mexico?

Dozens of people were injured on Saturday in a sprawling fight between fans at a soccer match between Querétaro F.C. and Atlas F.C., two clubs in Mexico’s top pro league. It’s still unclear how many people were killed, if any.

What happened at the stadium in Mexico?

Five Mexican officials are suspended over massive brawl among fans at soccer match. The Saturday match between host Queretaro and Atlas was suspended in the 62nd minute after multiple fights broke out in the stands.

Is the Mexican soccer league suspended?

Mexico’s top-division soccer league has suspended all matches scheduled for Sunday after a massive brawl among fans. March 6, 2022, at 5:11 p.m.

What are barras in mexican soccer?

Before continuing, the barras, or “animation groups”, as they are also known, are organized groups of fans of soccer clubs that attend matches and support their teams.

How many Mexican soccer games have died?

David Medrano Felix of TV Azteca reported that 17 people died at the match between Liga MX reigning champion Atlas and Querétaro at Corregidora Stadium. The game was called off a little more than an hour after kickoff. Many fans ran onto the field in the riot, according to news reports and videos.

What happened to the Mexican soccer league?

What was the Liga MX’s response? The league and country’s Football Federation (FMF) announced punishments on Tuesday that included Queretaro being forced to play behind closed doors for their home games for one year and a three-year ban for the barras supporters’ groups.

What happened at the Queretaro soccer game?

Fans were beaten and stripped of their clothing during a bloody brawl that erupted between Querétaro and Atlas fans at Corregidora stadium on March 5. Querétaro must play all of its home games in empty stadiums for the next year, a ban on fans that extends to the club’s youth and women’s teams as well.

What happened at Queretaro soccer match?

A match between Liga MX clubs Querétaro F.C. and Atlas F.C. ended abruptly Saturday following an eruption of fan violence in the stands that spilled onto the field and may have resulted in several deaths, according to multiple reports from Mexico.

How many died Atlas vs Querétaro?

This number was updated to 26 the following morning. Claims of death among supporters attacked during the riot is disputed. While no deaths were officially confirmed, some deaths were reported by Atlas fans….Querétaro–Atlas riot.

Date 5 March 2022
Non-fatal injuries 26