What happened at the Battle of amphipolis?

What happened at the Battle of amphipolis?

What happened at the Battle of amphipolis?

The battle of Amphipolis (422 BC) was a disastrous Athenian defeat in Thrace, inflicted on them by an army led by the Spartan Brasidas (Great Peloponnesian War). Both Brasidas and the Athenian commander Cleon were killed in the battle, and their deaths helped to pave the way to the short lived peace of Nicias (421 BC).

Who won the battle of amphipolis?

Spartan victory
Battle of Amphipolis

Date 422 BC
Location Amphipolis Coordinates: 40°49′25″N 23°50′49″E
Result Decisive Spartan victory

What caused Athens to form a blockade against Potidaea?

Athens was afraid that Potidaea would revolt due to Corinthian or Macedonian influence, as Perdiccas II of Macedon was encouraging revolts among Athens’ other allies in Thrace. Whether Potidaea was indeed launching an uprising, the Athenian demands precipitated the revolt.

When was the Battle of amphipolis?

422 BCBattle of Amphipolis / Start date

Why was Amphipolis so important to Athens?

A strategic transportation centre, it controlled the bridge over the Strymon and the route from northern Greece to the Hellespont, including the western approach to the timber, gold, and silver of Mount Pangaeum in Thrace. Originally a Thracian town (Ennea Hodoi, “Nine Roads”), it was colonized by Athens in 437–436 bc.

Who defeated Thucydides at Amphipolis?

Spartan general Brasidas
Their defeat at Delium was a sign that they were not invincible, but could be regarded as an incident. This was different when in the winter of 424/423, the Spartan general Brasidas captured Amphipolis.

Who founded Amphipolis?

Diodorus of Sicily records an alternative tradition that it was Aristagoras who founded Amphipolis, also saying that this colony was not long-lived. [Diodorus, World History, 12.68.

What happened in the siege of potidaea?

The Corinthian wing of the allied army, under Aristeus, was victorious, but the Athenians won everywhere else along the line. Aristeus was only just able to fight his way back to safety inside Potidaia by advancing in a narrow column along the waterfront. This battle was a clear Athenian victory.

Why did Athens ally corcyra?

Corcyra would be indebted to Athens and thus extremely loyal. Although they had been neutral, the Corcyraeans insisted that they could be trusted as new partners. An alliance would not break the Thirty Years Peace Treaty, since Corcyra was a neutral city-state and thus had the right to join an alliance of its choice.

What is the meaning of Amphipolis?

Amphipolis (Greek: Αμφίπολη, translit. Amfipoli; Ancient Greek: Ἀμφίπολις, translit. Amphipolis) is a municipality in the Serres regional unit of Greece. The seat of the municipality is Rodolivos. It was an ancient Greek polis (city), and later a Roman city, whose large remains can still be seen.

Is Brasidas a real person?

Brasidas, (died 422 bc, Amphipolis, Macedonia [now in Greece]), Spartan officer generally considered the only commander of genius produced by Sparta during the Archidamian War (431–421), the first decade of the Peloponnesian War (431–404) between Athens and Sparta.

Who won at mantinea?

The great Battle of Mantinea (also called “Second Mantinea” to distinguish it from the events of 418) was a technical victory for Thebes in the strictly military sense, but (as Xenophon noted) it was actually indecisive: Epaminondas’s death permanently crushed Theban hopes of leadership in Greece.