What happened at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix?

What happened at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix?

What happened at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix?

It was the eighteenth and final race of the 2008 Formula One World Championship. Ferrari driver Felipe Massa won the 71-lap race from pole position; this was the last of Massa’s 11 wins. Fernando Alonso finished second in a Renault, and Massa’s teammate Kimi Räikkönen finished third.

How did Massa lose the championship?

A mistake from Hamilton allowed the pursuing Vettel through to take fifth place meaning that, as the drivers started their final lap, Hamilton was down in sixth and losing the title to Massa as Glock appeared to be making his dry tyre gamble work.

Is Timo a Glock?

Timo Glock (born 18 March 1982) is a German professional racing driver, and BMW Motorsport works driver. He raced in Formula One for the Jordan, Toyota, Virgin Racing and Marussia F1 teams….

Timo Glock
Nationality German
Born 18 March 1982 Lindenfels, West Germany
DTM career
Debut season 2013

How long is Interlagos straight?

4.309 km
Autódromo José Carlos Pace

Time zone GMT -3
Major Events FIA Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix Mil Milhas Brasil, Stock Car Brasil, Fórmula Truck, TC 2000
Current Circuit (1990-present)
Circuit Length 4.309 km (2.676 mi)

Why is it not called the Brazilian GP?

So, why did the name change? After securing a contract that will see Interlagos host F1 until 2025 and holding off the threat of a return to Rio, the new name reflected the increased involvement of the local authorities and helps to promote the city globally.

Who did Hamilton overtake the championship?

Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton takes superb win in Sao Paulo after Max Verstappen overtake. Lewis Hamilton passed title rival Max Verstappen after an intense battle to take one of his greatest victories and win the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

What happened to Timo Glock 2008 Brazil?

Timo Glock has denied long-standing claims that he let Lewis Hamilton overtake him on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008, allowing the Briton to win his first Formula 1 title.

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