What episode of Extras is Daniel Radcliffe in?

What episode of Extras is Daniel Radcliffe in?

What episode of Extras is Daniel Radcliffe in?

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‘Daniel Radcliffe’ is the third episode of the second season of Extras, the ninth episode overall in the series. It was first broadcast on 28 September 2006 on BBC Two and on 22 January 2007 on HBO. The guest stars in this episode were British actors Daniel Radcliffe, Diana Rigg, and Warwick Davis.

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s mother?

Marcia GreshamDaniel Radcliffe / Mother

Was Warwick Davis in Extras?

“Extras” Daniel Radcliffe (TV Episode 2006) – Warwick Davis as Warwick – IMDb.

Who is Radcliffe wife?

Erin Darke
Alma mater University of Michigan
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present
Partner(s) Daniel Radcliffe (2012–present)

What movie is Daniel Radcliffe a Boy Scout?

Swiss Army Man
Starring Paul Dano Daniel Radcliffe Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Cinematography Larkin Seiple
Edited by Matthew Hannam
Music by Andy Hull Robert McDowell

Where can I watch extras?

“Extras” is now on Netflix AND BBC iPlayer.

What do Daniel Radcliffe’s parents do?

Alan Radcliffe
Marcia Gresham
Daniel Radcliffe/Parents

Was lifes too short Cancelled?

It’s kind of hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to see Warwick Davis alongside anyone in Hollywood again, but after only one season the funny and engaging show Life’s Too Short has been cancelled.

Did Daniel Radcliffe sleep with Harry Potter fans?

In a 2012 interview to The Mirror, the actor admitted to having slept with Harry Potter ‘groupies’. “I was always very nervous about the groupie thing. I like to like somebody before I sleep with them.

Who is Radcliffe’s girlfriend 2022?

Daniel Radcliffe Says He and Girlfriend Erin Darke Are ‘Really Happy’ After Nearly 10 Years Together.