What does NUXE smell like?

What does NUXE smell like?

What does NUXE smell like?

What does the Nuxe dry oil smell like? Huile Prodigieuse smells like summer. Notes of white flowers and vanilla give this oil a creamy floral aroma that feels warm and cosy, almost like sun cream.

Is NUXE fragrance free?

The one problem with Nuxe skin care products is that they contain high amounts of fragrance ingredients. The use of fragrance is problematic because of the potential to cause contact allergies, skin irritation, and even skin damage.

Is NUXE natural?

Nuxe produces environmentally friendly, natural, exclusive, high quality products. On average, 80% of the content is of natural origin, and the products are also without parabens, mineral oils and ingredients from animals. Nuxe’s products must also be sustainable, from the packaging to the product itself.

Is NUXE a luxury brand?

One brand which has always been clear on its mission is Nuxe – a French luxury skincare label that has been painstakingly formulating some of the finest skincare products since its launch, and has fast become a favourite in bathrooms around the world.

Is Nuxe perfume good?

Nuxe is a great French pharmacy brand. The scent of summer sun, this is the fragrance-resort. It smells of the legendary “golden oil” – Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, which i personally just adore as and entire line for body by Nuxe. This is smells expensive and i like it.

Does Nuxe perfume smell like the oil?

If you’re a fan of Nuxe’s iconic Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose oil collection – in particular, the Florale edition – then you’ll love Nuxe Prodigieux Floral le Parfum; it captures the grapefruit, magnolia and musky notes of the luxurious silky oil and takes them up a notch for a long-lasting Eau de Parfum.

What is NUXE famous for?

This legendary brand was made famous for its multipurpose dry oil caring for both skin and hair, a first in French pharmacies. Today Nuxe is the number 1 brand of natural-origin cosmetics in France and is particularly renowned for its anti-ageing ranges catering for women of all ages.

Is NUXE cruelty free?

NUXE is NOT Cruelty-free. NUXE pays and allows their products to be tested on animals when required by law. NUXE also sells its products in stores in mainland China where animal testing is mandatory for most imported cosmetics.

Is NUXE a French brand?

NUXE is a French brand founded by Aliza Jabès and a pioneer in natural-origin cosmetology.

Who owns NUXE?

The shareholders of Nuxe have sold the company to NAXICAP Partners for US$66 million. Nuxe manufactures natural cosmetics and skin and hair care products and is one of the most dynamic players in the market for natural cosmetics in pharmacies and paraphamacies.

Does Nuxe make perfume?

Prodigieux Le Parfum by Nuxe is a Floral fragrance for women. Prodigieux Le Parfum was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Serge Majoullier.

Is NUXE ethical?

What do you think of nuxe perfume?

I think Nuxe wanted to live of the success of their oil… but using oil as a perfume base gives a very different result I believe. Tropical but also very classy and feminine. It’s a clean scent (gardenia) but a ‘gourmand’ at the same time with the coconut milk and vanilla.

What does nuxe Huile prodigieuse smell like?

It smells of the legendary “golden oil” – Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, which i personally just adore as and entire line for body by Nuxe. This is smells expensive and i like it. A wonderful aroma of the wonderful oil, because it is so translated from the French “prodigieuse “.Only the fragrance sounds deeper & intense.

What are the nuxe Sun Products?

NUXE Sun products (excluding Eau Délicieuse Parfumante, Self Tanning Moisturiser for Face and Body and Lait Fraîcheur Après-Soleil) have been formulated to protect the skin and help respect the marine environment.

Why choose nuxe laboratory?

This is why NUXE Laboratory has become the leader in major beauty segments in pharmacies *** . Each of our products appeals to the senses and showcases the miracles nature has to offer, and many of them have become cult beauty products like our famous dry oil Huile Prodigieuse® which repairs, nourishes and beautifies skin and hair.