What do you write in a Valentines card for the elderly?

What do you write in a Valentines card for the elderly?

What do you write in a Valentines card for the elderly?

Suggested General Messages

  1. Wishing you weeks worth of smiles!
  2. Warm wishes to brighten your day!
  3. You are wonderful!
  4. May your day be filled with all kinds of bright sunny things!
  5. Sending cheerful thoughts to brighten your day!
  6. You are going to have a great day!
  7. Don’t forget to smile today!
  8. You are awesome… It’s true!

What do you write in an elderly person card?

Ideas for generic feel-good messages to nursing home residents and Senior citizens include:

  1. Wishing you a wonderful day!
  2. Thinking about you!
  3. For someone who’s special and wonderful…
  4. Just a friendly little hello from me to you!
  5. Just felt like sharing a smile with you today!
  6. Sending happy thoughts your way!

What should I write in my grandma’s Valentines card?

“Nothing in life can hurt so bad that grandma can’t fix it. Thank you for mending my wounds, healing my heart, and filling my heart with all of your warmth, love, and goodness. I love you.” “Just wanted to make sure that you know how much I appreciate you this Valentine’s Day and every day!”

What to say to encourage the elderly?

Senior Citizen & Sayings

  • Age is just a number.
  • As with wine, life gets better with age.
  • Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.
  • I’ve got 99 problems, but age ain’t one.
  • Not just a year older — a year better!
  • Old enough to retire; young enough to enjoy it.
  • One gets more from years of experience than books.

What do you say to the elderly?

Remain calm and talk in a gentle, matter-of-fact way. Speak louder, if necessary, but do not shout. Make sure to enunciate clearly and avoid mumbling and talking too quickly. Focus on one idea at a time, and keep sentences short and simple.

What do you say to grandkids about Valentines Day?

Wish you lots of love for a lovable and caring grandson. Wish you a Fanta fabulous valentine’s day to you. 8). On this Valentine’s Day I want to let you know how special you are in my life and how much we love you.