What Colours does the Peugeot 208 come in?

What Colours does the Peugeot 208 come in?

What Colours does the Peugeot 208 come in?

Peugeot All New 208 Colours

  • Vertigo Blue.
  • Elixr Red.
  • Faro Yellow.
  • Pearlescent White.
  • Nimbus Grey.
  • Nera Black.
  • Cumulus Grey.
  • Bianca White.

What is Peugeot 208 Allure?

The Peugeot 208 Allure is placed towards the higher end of the standard 208’s trim options. In Allure spec, the 208 features manual air conditioning, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, rear parking sensors and a DAB radio.

What are the common problems with Peugeot 208?

Common Peugeot 208 Mk1 problems

  • Touchscreen glitches. Sometimes, the touchscreen multimedia system can freeze and stop working.
  • Wiper issues. When activated, the wipers can start juddering across the windscreen.
  • Boot rattles.
  • Leaky rear window pipe.
  • Steering wheel.

What Colour is Cumulus GREY?

Cumulus grey is one of four greys available on the 2008, but this one is actually more of a silver. It’s inoffensive, meaning used buyers are unlikely to be put off by it and will do a moderate job of hiding dirt between washes.

How many miles per gallon does a Peugeot 208 do?

The 1.2-litre 75PS petrol version keeps CO2 emissions at 98g/km, with maximum fuel consumption of 53.6mpg. But, in truth, there’s not an awful lot in the figures as you move up the petrol power range. Even the 130PS, eight-speed auto model manages 51.9mpg, while maintaining emissions of 108g/km.

What does allure mean for Peugeot?

Allure – The high end trim level with many of the features and functions included as standard. Feline – The premium trim level available (model dependant) Sport – The standard trim level available for the Peugeot RCZ.

Does the Peugeot 208 Allure have sat nav?

Sat-nav, stereo and infotainment Moving up the range to Allure models adds a smartphone charging plate and rear USB ports, while the Premium versions add 3D navigation that works with the touchscreen and includes a 3-year live-navigation subscription.

What Colour is artense GREY?

Its dominant colour is grey….Peugeot F4 Gris Artense Met. color informations.

Colour F4
Color type Metallic

What Colour is my Peugeot?

As with most car manufacturers Peugeot paint codes can be found in several locations. The most popular is inside the drivers side door shut on a white and silver sticker. On some models it will be in by the hinges of the door (where the door hangs).