What causes ICA latency?

What causes ICA latency?

What causes ICA latency?

ICA Latency is the time from when a user executes a keystroke or mouse click to when it is processed on the session host. It includes the network latency and any delay on the session host to process this request.

What is the difference between ICA RTT and latency?

The difference between the ICA Latency and RTT is the application processing time on the session host. ICA Network Latency is the amount of time it takes data to reach the server.

What causes Citrix latency?

User is connected to public WiFi which has a bandwidth cap, or contention from other people sharing the same connection. Local device network cards or wireless adapters running old, outdated drivers, or there could be hardware faults impacting network performance.

What is a good ICA latency?

Assuming the environment has been tuned properly, this is what we (Citrix Consulting) see on average in regards to network latency when using legacy Thinwire or Thinwire+ (a.k.a. modern Thinwire): Up to 150ms: great user experience. 150ms – 300ms: good/acceptable user experience.

What is an acceptable ICA RTT?

For example, if the user types the digits “100” in a spreadsheet cell, the ICA RTT would be the amount of time it takes for 100 to appear on the user screen. In general: <100ms = Very good. 100-200ms = Good.

How do I improve my Citrix connection?

Make sure the File Servers, Print Servers and user profiles are in the same subnet as the Citrix servers, especially when using profile redirection settings. Reduce the logon time to be as fast as can be because the servers is under its greatest load during logon\logoff.

What causes latency?

What causes latency? Latency is affected by several factors: distance, propagation delay, internet connection type, website content, Wi-Fi, and your router. Some of these factors are fixable, while others are just part of everyone’s online experience.

What is HDX insight?

HDX Insight provides end-to-end visibility for HDX traffic to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops passing through Citrix ADC.

How RTT is calculated?

Propagation delay is the length of time taken for a request to reach its destination. The propagation delay is usually the dominant component in RTT and you can get a good estimate of RTT by a simple formula: RTT = 2 x Propagation delay.