What are the different dashboard components in Salesforce?

What are the different dashboard components in Salesforce?

What are the different dashboard components in Salesforce?

Dashboards in Salesforce are a graphical representation of Reports….There are 5 types of components in Salesforce Dashboard :

  • Charts: Used for showing comparisons.
  • Table: Tables are used for showing lists.
  • Gauge. Gauge is used to show progress towards a goal.
  • Metric.
  • Visualforce.
  • Folders:
  • Running User:

Can you have multiple dashboards in Salesforce?

To display multiple Dashboards in home page, just add the charts to the space adjacent to the chart.

How many dashboard components does Salesforce have?

20 components
Each dashboard can have up to 20 components.

What are the common types of dashboards?

There are three types of dashboards: operational, strategic, and analytical.

What are different types of dashboards components are there?

Dashboard components can be charts, tables, gauges, metrics, or other components that you can create with VisualForce.

How many dashboards can be displayed in the home page at once Salesforce?

The limit is 20 components per dashboard, but when you try to display them on home page you can show 3 only. A dashboard filter can have up to 50 values.

How do I show multiple dashboards on my homepage?

At this time, customers are only able to put up to three dashboards components on their Homepage at a time. As a workaround customers can customize their Homepage by selecting a different dashboards to display on their Homepage via the following click path: Name > Setup > My Personal Information > Change My Display.

In what ways do dashboards differ?

Reports tend to be broader and feature historic data. Because they must be delivered periodically, they represent a snapshot of a specific area or organization rather than its real-time situation. Dashboards, on the other hand, are built to visualize and organize data in real-time.

What is Salesforce dashboard?

Salesforce dashboards allow you to present multiple reports side-by-side using dashboard components on a single dashboard page layout. Dashboard components come in a variety of chart types, and you can customize how data is grouped, summarized, and displayed for each component.

What are the 3 standard chart types available in Salesforce?

Default Charts offered by Salesforce Horizontal Bar Charts. Vertical Bar Charts. Line Charts. Pie Charts.