What are the characteristics of Maranao house?

What are the characteristics of Maranao house?

What are the characteristics of Maranao house?

Its walls are covered with plywood sticks and the roof thatched with dried coconut leaves. There is no interior partition, so it appears as a huge hall. Apart from the basic elements of this structure, it is intricately engraved with the flowing geometries of the Maranaw design system called okir.

What are the three types of Maranao houses?

There are three types of traditional Maranao dwellings. First, the torogan, the homes reserved for nobilities. Second is the “mala-a-walay” or the big house. Finally, the “lawig” or the small house.

What is the decorative design in the house of ancestral home of Maranao?

Kawayan Torogan
Status National Cultural Treasure
Type Traditional Maranao house
Architectural style Torogan
Address Bubung Malanding

What is Maranao royal house?

The Torogan is the ancestral house and the royal residence of the upper-class Maranao. It is commonly found in Marawi City and other areas in Lanao del Sur province. Within the sultanate, no one can have a house bigger than the Torogan, which is the dwelling place of the datu and his wives and children.

How do you best describe the torogan house?

A torogan is built on top of up to seven large stones that are half buried, making it sturdy against floods. There are no partitions inside the torogan house except for a small room called lamin with okir carvings, usually reserved for the datu’s daughter.

What are some examples of architectural forms in Mindanao?

The architectural design of the capitols in Mindanao can be generalized into three styles: Neoclassical (1933– 1951), Modernist (1972–1996), and Postmodernist/ Mixed (2000 onwards).

Is Maranao an indigenous?

Along with the Iranun and Maguindanao, the Maranao are one of three, related, indigenous groups native to Mindanao. These groups share genes, linguistic and cultural ties to non-Muslim Lumad groups such as the Tiruray or Subanon.

What does Sarimanok symbolizes?

The Sarimanok is the legendary bird that has become an ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art. It is depicted as a fowl with colorful wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is profusely decorated with scroll, leaf, and spiral motifs. It is said to be a symbol of good fortune.

What do you call the house of the upper class of the Maranao?

According to the DOT ARMM website- “The Torogan is the ancestral house of the upper-class Maranao in the Lanao Region of Mindanao.

What is the description of torogan?

Torogan is a traditional house of the Maranaos. Made of hard woods with post made up of whole tree-trunks and are known for intricately carved panolong (beam-ends) with okir designs, the torogan was once a symbol of high social status.

What is a wing like design of a vernacular house in Maranao?

– a wing-like design of a vernacular house in Maranao; these are ends of the floor beams and spray out like triangular butterfly wings on the facade and side elevations. Okir.

Which materials are used indigenous traditional mindanaoan houses?

6 popular indigenous materials used in the Filipino home

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