What age is appropriate for the Hate U Give book?

What age is appropriate for the Hate U Give book?

What age is appropriate for the Hate U Give book?


What does the Hate U Give teach us?

The Hate U Give examines the way society uses stereotypes of black people to justify violence and racism against them. These stereotypes protect white communities, such as the students at Starr’s school, Williamson Prep, from reflecting upon systemic racism, which perpetuates discrimination.

Why was Starr mad at Chris?

Starr had initially gotten angry at Chris because he took out a condom while they made out. She previously told Chris she was not ready for sex because of her fear of getting pregnant, and so was angry at him for having a condom.

How old is Khalil when he is shot?

This led Keenan to become a petty criminal and sell drugs for The 100 until he was shot and killed during his job, at the age of fifteen, as a result for a gang struggle. Growing up, Khalil went on to attend Garfield High School, where he met and became a close friend of Jennifer Pierce.

Why does Starr think Chris wont understand her?

Chris feels it’s unfair for Starr to ignore him without explanation. Starr explains that it’s because Chris is white and rich, and she is black and poor. Chris insists that he doesn’t care. Starr rebuts that they are important parts of her identity.

Is the hate you give worth reading?

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this YA novel puts us in the shoes of Starr Carter, an unforgettable girl faced with tragedy and choices that, unfortunately, are much too common. It’s heartfelt, hilarious, and stunning. If you haven’t read THUG yet, then maybe you want some more proof.

Why is the hate you give a good book?

The characters in The Hate U Give felt like real people telling me a story. They have depth. They are relatable and interesting, unlike other books I’ve read that tackle big issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia. This, along with the well-crafted storytelling, made this book easily one of my all-time favorites.