Was the movie Cimarron based on a true story?

Was the movie Cimarron based on a true story?

Was the movie Cimarron based on a true story?

Novelists may base a character on a real person or several or make one up completely. Most Oklahomans at the time “Cimarron” came out believed Mrs. Ferguson was the basis for Sabra Cravat and Temple Houston, a Woodward attorney and son of Sam Houston, was the inspiration for Yancey Cravat.

Did Cimarron win best picture?

The Best Picture Oscar winner at the 4th Academy Awards was RKO’s “Cimarron,” a 1931 western based upon the 1929 Edna Ferber novel of the same name.

When was movie Cimarron filmed?

Cimarron (1931 film)

Release dates January 26, 1931 (Premiere-New York City) February 9, 1931 (US)
Running time 124 minutes
Country United States
Language English

How long is the movie Cimarron?

2h 27mCimarron / Running time

What was the movie Cimarron about?

After Sabra (Maria Schell) marries cowboy Yancey Cravat (Glenn Ford) against her parents’ wishes, the newlyweds travel to Oklahoma to participate in a land rush for territory taken from the Indians. Settling down in their new community, Yancey becomes locally prominent as the editor of the town newspaper. When he turns down an offer to run for governor because his oil-money backers would demand more property from the Indians, Sabra’s disapproval drives Yancey to leave.Cimarron / Film synopsis

Why is the movie called Cimarron?

Meanwhile, Sabra gives birth to a boy whom they name Cimarron, Cim for short. Four years later, Osage is thriving.

Who wrote Cimarron?

Edna FerberCimarron / Author

What was the first Western to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

Cimarron was the first Western to win Best Picture, and would remain the only one to do so for 59 years (until Dances with Wolves won in 1991). It received a then-record seven nominations, and was the first film to win more than two awards.

What does the name Cimarron mean?

wild, untamed
Meaning:wild, untamed. Cimarron as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Cimarron).

Where is Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron set?

Spirit is a wild Mustang stallion, male (boy). Where and when is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron set? Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is in a small fictional frontier town of Oregon called Miradero in the late 19th American west.

What is the movie Cimarron about?