Is Watson Glaser test difficult?

Is Watson Glaser test difficult?

Is Watson Glaser test difficult?

The Watson Glaser aptitude test is considered one of the trickiest and most challenging tests out there among psychometric testing experts. Employers who use the Watson Glaser like Linklaters and Clifford Chance are doing so because they are looking for those candidates with the skill and grit required to pass.

What is a good score on Watson Glaser?

It is wise to aim for a Watson Glaser test score of at least 75%. To score 75% or higher, you will need to correctly answer at least 30 of the 40 questions. The employing organization will use your test results to compare your performance with other candidates within the selection pool.

How do I prepare for Watson Glaser?

Tips for practicing for the Watson Glaser test It’s easy to slip into past experiences or general knowledge to answer questions. You must not do this. Critical reasoning tests are not about what you think, they are about how you think. Use only the information provided to answer the questions presented.

What is the passing score for critical thinking test?

You need to get 70% correct to pass the test.

What is Watson Glaser test Amazon?

The Watson Glaser test is an aptitude assessment used by law practices to test critical thinking ability among other skills. One of several types of psychometric tests, the Watson Glaser critical thinking test is used by firms to shortlist candidates for training contracts and vacation schemes.

How many questions are on the Watson Glaser test?

40 questions
The Watson Glaser test is a timed, multiple-choice assessment, the most recent version of which consists of 40 questions with a 30-minute time constraint.

Can you fail a critical thinking test?

Critical Thinking Test Tips – Conclusion The Critical Thinking test is difficult, but not impossible to overcome. If you make use of these critical thinking test tips you should have no problem passing the critical thinking test and obtaining the career of your dreams.

Is Watson Glaser multiple choice?

The Watson Glaser test questions follow a multiple-choice format. Candidates normally have 30 minutes to complete the test, however, you will be given a time limit or deadline for completing it by the law firm you’re applying to.