Is Wanaka worth visiting?

Is Wanaka worth visiting?

Is Wanaka worth visiting?

Wanaka is worth visiting to see some of NZ’s best scenery, enjoy epic hikes and eat and drink your way through heaps of awesome bars and restaurants. Wanaka should be a part of every New Zealand South Island road trip.

What shops does Wanaka have?

Keke Shopping. Keke (previously Georges) is a well-known shop in Pembroke Mall.

  • Wastebusters What to Do. Bring the family down to Wastebusters for a zero waste experience.
  • Gifted Design Store Shopping.
  • Outside Sports Shopping.
  • 47Frocks Shopping.
  • Bella Shopping.
  • BaseNZ & Southbeach Shopping.
  • Sills + Co Shopping.
  • Is Wanaka better than Queenstown?

    If you’re looking for action, nightlife and some key icons of New Zealand, then stay in Queenstown. But if you want a more casual, nature-focused holiday, then stay in Wanaka. Remember, the drive via Cardrona, provides a stunning scenic connection between these two southern gems!

    What is Wanaka known for?

    Things to do in Wanaka

    • Hike Roy’s Peak. The view most people come for on Roy’s Peak.
    • Explore the Wanaka Lavender Farm. In summer the colors are amazing!
    • Visit #ThatWanakaTree.
    • Go Skiing at Cardrona.
    • Check out the Cardrona Bras.
    • Take in the views on Rob Roy Glacier Track.
    • Hike Diamond Lake Track.
    • Drive the Crown Range.

    Is Wanaka a good place to live?

    With easy access to New Zealand’s top ski fields, along with every outdoor activity imaginable, Wanaka offers an incredible outdoorsy lifestyle and a laid-back, welcoming community vibe. It is probably why many are choosing to pack up their lives in the North Island and head south.

    How long should you stay in Wanaka?

    Most travelers spend about 2 days in Wanaka, and if you plan carefully, you can easily hit most of the top activities and attractions in the area in this timeframe!

    Does Wanaka have a warehouse?

    Additional Terms and Conditions. The Promoter is The Warehouse Limited (“The Warehouse” and/or “Warehouse Stationery”). Prizes are courtesy of The Warehouse Limited and in conjunction with participating suppliers.

    Is Wanaka cheaper than Queenstown?

    One of the big perks of Wanaka, according to Wanaka advocates, is that it’s cheaper than Queenstown.

    Whats it like to live in Wanaka?

    Does it snow in Wanaka?

    Renowned for dry powder and plenty of it, Treble Cone receives an average annual snowfall of 5.5 metres and has an average maximum snow depth of 3.25 metres.

    Is it expensive to live in Wanaka?

    The median Wanaka rent is $550 a week – higher than many central suburbs in Wellington and Christchurch.

    Whats it like living in Wanaka?