Is Vibrancies a word?

Is Vibrancies a word?

Is Vibrancies a word?

adj. 1. a. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city.

Is Replyer a word?

Obsolete form of replier.

Is Otherliness a word?

Otherliness, used as a noun, is recognized only in the Urban Dictionary. The definition for Otherliness is to place the needs, wants and desires of others ahead of one’s own. Otherliness is not an actual word . . . yet.

Is Nonconducive a word?

not conducive; tending to be harmful or injurious: inconducive to the public good.

Which is correct vibrance or vibrancy?

Both “vibrancy” and “vibrance” mean the quality of being full of life or especially bright (in color). People can have vibrance or vibrancy, and a summertime flower garden can too. “Vibrancy” came into English first, but only by a decade or so, first documented in 1890. “Vibrance” first appeared in roughly 1900.

What is vibrancy in psychology?

People with emotional vibrancy tend to engage in activities that bring them joy, rather than barely getting through the demands of the day before collapsing on the couch, exhausted.

Is reply me correct English?

Thank you. “Reply to me” is always correct, spoken or written. It’s different from “answer me,” which means the same!

What is a Replier?

Noun. replier (plural repliers) One who, or that which, replies.

What is an example of otherness?

For example, if you’ve treated someone else badly, you might experience feelings of shame or guilt about your behavior. In order to reconcile your belief that you are a good person despite your negative actions toward another person, you might engage in othering as a way to dehumanize the individual.

What is the other ‘?

1 : a different or additional one the others came later. 2a : one that remains of two or more. b : a thing opposite to or excluded by something else went from one side to the other nature as the other of culture. 3a : one (such as another person) that is psychologically differentiated from the self.

Which is correct Unconducive or Inconducive?

As adjectives the difference between inconducive and unconducive. is that inconducive is not likely to produce or support some desired outcome while unconducive is not likely to produce or support some desired outcome.

What’s another word for not helpful?

Useless, futile, ineffectual, vain refer to that which is unavailing.