Is train ticket free for child age?

Is train ticket free for child age?

Is train ticket free for child age?

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 can travel with a child age ticket, which gives a 50 per cent discount off the full price. As soon as you’re 16, you have to pay full price fares unless you have a savings card.

Can family members travel in train?

According to railway’s website-, a person holding a confirmed ticket can transfer his/her ticket to family members viz, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. Indian Railways’ ticket transfer facility can be availed for both offline and online tickets.

Will RAC 107 get confirmed?

RAC is a Confirmed Seat and Prioritised WL for a Confirmed Berth, subject to availability. Answer to your question : Theoretically speaking, RAC 107 ticket is issued after XXX + 106 Tickets have been booked where XXX passengers got Confirmed Accommodation (berths) and thereafter 106 people were issued RAC Tickets.

What is a child train ticket?

Kids under 5 years are free of charge in all the trains. If child’s age in between (5-12 yrs) than half of the adult fare will be charged, and if you’ll asking for dedicated berth then full adult fare has to pay in this case & it is applicable only in reserved class .

Can a 13 year old take a train alone UK?

Train operators cannot take responsibility for children travelling alone. If an unaccompanied child under the age of 12 is found, the British Transport Police will be notified immediately.

Can I book two tickets with same name?

Yes, you can book a train ticket with the same name, same mobile number, and age, but make sure that it will not in the same PNR number.

Can I travel in train with other name?

The Indian Railways allow the passengers to transfer their confirmed tickets in another person’s name if they are unable to travel for any personal reason. A confirmed ticket can be transferred by a passenger to his family members including mother, father, sister, brother, wife, daughter and son.

Can students travel in Mumbai local train 2021?

Mumbai local train: Students under 18 years can commute using local trains from today. The decision will be a relief for college and school students as they will have an additional convenience of local trains to attend physical classes.

Are concession tickets for students?

Students (with a valid form of student ID), under 16’s and senior citizens over 65 are entitled to purchase the concessions.

Will RAC 32 get confirmed?

What are the confirmation chances of RAC 32,33? Since your current ticket status is RAC, it means that you have been allotted half berth. RAC is considered a confirmed ticket because you are eligible to board the train. RAC ticket means that you would have to share your seat with another passenger.

Will RAC 85 get confirmed?

your ticket status is in RAC so it will get definitely confirm, but on the chart preparation you will be given berth either full berth or the berth which is shared by another passenger. so wait until the chart preparation which is 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure of train.