Is Pearl Jam going to reschedule their tour?

Is Pearl Jam going to reschedule their tour?

Is Pearl Jam going to reschedule their tour?

Nearly two years later, Pearl Jam can finally hit the road with their 2020 North American tour dates officially rescheduled for May and September 2022….Special Guest Pluralone to Open the Tour.

DATE May 3
CITY San Diego, CA
VENUE Viejas Arena
TYPE Postponed Date

Is Pearl Jam going on tour in 2022?

Pearl Jam’s 2020 North American tour dates are officially rescheduled for May and September 2022. The tour includes four additional concert dates in Fresno, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Camden. Special guest @Pluralone_Official will open the shows. A ticket pre-sale for current eligible Ten Club members begins today.

Why is Pearl Jam postponed?

Pearl Jam have finally rescheduled their Gigaton tour, which was originally supposed to happen in 2020 but got postponed due to the pandemic. West Coast dates are in May, and they’ll hit the rest of the country in September. The new NYC date is September 11 at Madison Square Garden.

Will Pearl Jam tour Australia again?

During the interview, Eddie revealed that – due to the worldwide pandemic scenario – Pearl Jam’s Gigaton tour could start from Australia at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2022, confirming the rumors about the possibile rescheduling of the european gigs, planned for summer 2021.

Will Pearl Jam tour the US in 2020?

The updated touring route includes new shows with stops in Fresno, Calif., Sacramento, Calif., Las Vegas and Camden, N.J. They’ll also make stops in notable cities including New York, Toronto, Denver and Los Angeles. The shows will also feature Josh Klinghoffer’s solo project, Pluralone as an opener.

Did Pearl Jam break up?

And besides, as Cross points out, Pearl Jam is going into the Hall of Fame based on its career, not one record. “The remarkable thing about Pearl Jam is that they did not break up, and the music they create today still has meaning to them,” he says. “In the history of Seattle bands, that’s a heck of an accomplishment.”