Is Julius K9 good for pulling?

Is Julius K9 good for pulling?

Is Julius K9 good for pulling?

In a nutshell, replacing your dog’s collar with a Julius K9 no pull harness is a good idea because it not only discourages pulling but ensures no excessive pressure is placed upon your dog’s neck in the event of him/her doing so – ensuring a comfortable, stress-free walk for both your dog and you and preventing …

Where is Julius K9 from?

Nowadays JULIUS-K9® has became one of the largest dog-equipment manufacturer brands in Europe and it can be found in all continents of the world by its products being made in Hungary.

Which Julius harness is best?

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Indeed, the company’s IDC Powerharness is arguably the most popular model on the market and certainly the brand you see most among dog walkers. This harness fits like a mini saddle across the dog’s shoulders and is our top pick for toughness, comfort and looks.

What size Julius K9 do I need?

Julius K9 Harness Size Chart

Harness Size Chest Circumference Weight of the dog
Size 0 58 – 76 cm / 23 – 30 in 14 – 25 kg / 31 – 55 lbs
Size 1 63 – 85 cm / 26 – 33.5 in 23 – 30 kg / 50,5 – 66 lbs
Size 2 71 – 96 cm / 28 – 37.5 in 28 – 40 kg / 61,5 – 88 lbs
Size 3 82 – 115 cm / 32.5 – 46.5 in 40 – 70 kg / 88 – 154 lbs

Is Julius a no pull harness?

We do not sell no pull harnesses here on the JULIUS-K9® UK website. No pull harnesses are designed to restrict a dog’s natural movement in order to train them into walking without yanking on the leash and trying to run ahead of you. JULIUS-K9® harnesses do not restrict your dog’s movement.

Is Julius K9 no pull?

Are Julius K9 harnesses no-pull? No. We do not market any of our harnesses as no-pull or anti-pull. Pulling is a training issue and not an equipment fix.

Is Julius K9 a no pull dog harness?

Who makes Julius K9?

The Julius-K9® company was founded as Julius Export 2000 Bt, a family enterprise. Initially the products were manufactured for police units with service dogs, supplied to Austrian and Hungarian companies and authorities.

Can dogs get out of Julius K9?

These types of harnesses are therefore most commonly used during city walks or when working with service dogs. As a result of improper leash use, sizing, or harness adjustment, some dogs can still wriggle out of the harness. the harness is adjusted too loosely, the dog starts moving backwards trying to run away.

How should a Julius k9 harness fit?

The harness should fit snugly on the chest area. You should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and the dog. If the strap is too loose, the dog can slip out of the harness. An overly tight strap will mean the harness is uncomfortable and may cause chafing.

What size is medium in Julius k9 harness?

Harness Sizing and Weight Overview

IDC® Powerharness Size Chest Girth Measurement Dog Weight
M / Size 0 58 – 76 cm 14 – 25 kg
L / Size 1 63 – 85 cm 23 – 30 kg
XL / Size 2 71 – 96 cm 28 – 40 kg
2XL / Size 3 82 – 115 cm 40 – 70 kg