Is doubles tennis a good workout?

Is doubles tennis a good workout?

Is doubles tennis a good workout?

Tennis can be a great cardio workout. Jasmine Marcus, DPT, says you can make tennis harder or easier by playing singles or doubles. Playing tennis is also good for your heart health.

How many calories do you burn playing tennis for 30 minutes?

30 minutes of Tennis burns 240 kcal.

How many calories do you burn playing doubles tennis for 2 hours?

In two hours of doubles tennis, the average man will burn 712 calories. Typically, women are smaller than men with the average American woman weighing 166.2 pounds according to the CDC. This means that the average woman will burn just 604 calories playing doubles tennis for the same length of time.

How many calories does two hours of tennis burn?

Cardio Tennis is a heart pumping, fun way of burning calories. For a competitive singles tennis game, the average person burns 575-775 calories per hour. If they are hitting balls in non-competitive play, the average person will burn 350-500 calories per hour.

Is tennis better than running?

Calories Burned According to the Mayo Clinic, a singles tennis match burns 584 calories for a 160-pound person, while high-impact aerobics burns 533 during that same time. Tennis also provides a longer post-workout calorie burn.

Is tennis good for weight loss?

It’s a workout for your entire body as you run, swing, pivot, and stretch. You can burn between 400 to 600 calories an hour which is great for reducing and controlling body fat. A lot of people find they can burn more calories when they play tennis than with many other physical activities.

What sport burns the most calories?

Running and Cycling Running statistics show a pace of 10 mph burns the most calories per hour, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Similarly, cycling statistics show biking at 20 mph is your best bet for calorie burn. A 185-pound person burns 1,466 calories, while a 125-pound person burns 990 calories per hour.

Is tennis better than gym?

The results revealed that the tennis players enjoyed a more favourable BMI and displayed better upper body and lower extremity function than the gym-goers who are those not used to holding a racket. Jackson explains: “As we age, we lose muscle mass and we lose bone mineral density over time.

Does tennis help in belly fat?

However, tennis is considered a good workout to lose belly fat. Generally, cardio workouts are considered to be helpful when it comes to burning belly fat. The fact that you are using your lower and upper body while playing tennis will help with the activation of your whole body, which will help with losing belly fat.