Is 1999 Creepypasta based on a true story?

Is 1999 Creepypasta based on a true story?

Is 1999 Creepypasta based on a true story?

1999 is a creepypasta that started as a blog by Camden Lamont which was updated in real-time. It tells the story of a Canadian man named Elliot, who is investigating a mysterious public access channel called Caledon Local 21. The mascot of the channel is “Mr. Bear”, the star of the series Mr.

What is the 1999 Creepypasta?

1999, also known as 1999: Caledon Local 21 or Mr. Bear’s Cellar, is a Creepypasta story. It is formatted as a pseudo-blog written by a man named Elliot, who discovered a strange local-access channel called Caledon Local 21 as a young boy. As he grows up, he realizes how twisted it is.

Who is the most famous Creepypasta?

The creepypasta with the most total combined shares to least were:

  • The Russian Sleep Experiment (64,030 total shares)
  • Squidward’s Suicide (37,298 total shares)
  • The Rake (13,223 total shares)
  • Psychosis (7,428 total shares)
  • Abandoned by Disney (7,149 total shares)
  • Smile Dog (7,120 total shares)

What is the story of Ben drowned?

BEN Drowned was created by Alex Hall (Jadusable). BEN was not killed by his father. BEN was sacrificed to a cult known as the Moon Children. The person responsible for killing BEN was a man called “The Father”, who sacrificed him by drowning him in a pool.

Is Ben Drowned a real person?

Background. Ben Drowned is set in a fictional, alternate universe closely following that of Earth prior to the emergence of a cult known as the Moon Children who worshiped the Moon, known to them as Luna.

Is Ben drowned Sally’s brother?

Sally is not related to Ben Drowned. Sally died long before Ben Drowned was even born.

Who is the tallest creepypasta?

Nula stands at about 6’11, she is allegedly the tallest Creepypasta after Slenderman.

Who is the scariest creepypasta?

The 40 Most Terrifying Creepypasta and NoSleep Stories on the Internet

  • Jeff the Killer.
  • I’m a 911 Operator.
  • The Russian Sleep Experiment.
  • Tales From the Gas Station.
  • Psychosis.
  • If You Find a Book Called “The Tale of Roly Poly”, Don’t Open It, Don’t Read It!
  • Smile Dog.
  • The Story of Her Holding an Orange.