How old is chameleon Jose?

How old is chameleon Jose?

How old is chameleon Jose?

43 years (April 30, 1979)Jose Chameleone / Age

How many songs does Jose Chameleon have?

/ 130 songs Jose Chameleon, born Joseph Mayanja on 1 January 1979 in Uganda, is an Afrobeat and reggae musician.

Why is Jose Chameleon called a doctor?

His name Dr Jose Chameleone stems from a firm belief that he is the doctor of Ugandan music.

What happened to Jose Chameleon?

Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone. The Badilisha hitmaker, real name Joseph Mayanja, has been in the hospital for the last one week and is battling Liver and Pancreas disorder. Reports indicate the singer was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night and was discharged a few hours later saying he felt better.

Who is the richest musician in Uganda?

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2022

  • Geoffrey Lutaaya – $350,000.
  • Eddy Kenzo – $350,000.
  • Ronald Mayinja – $554,000.
  • Mesach Semakula – $560,000.
  • Bebe Cool – $2.6 million.
  • Ragga Dee – $4 million.
  • Jose Chameleone – $6 million.
  • Bobi Wine – $7.3 million. Richest Musicians in Uganda (Summary)

What is the net worth of chameleon?

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Jose Chameleone Net Worth: $6 Million
Born: April 30, 1979
Country of Origin: Uganda
Education: N/A
Source of Wealth: Music, Business, Politics

Who is weasel Manizo?

KIU, Main Campus – Singer Douglas Mayanja, commonly known by his stage name Weasel Manizo, on Monday, February 7, 2022, announced his very first concert on record, ever since the death of his brother and friend, Mowzey Radio. The Goodlyfe Fest concert is to be held this year.

Who is the best musician in Uganda 2021?

The 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021

Rank Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021 Estimated Net Worth
#1 Bobi Wine $7.3 million
#2 Jose Chameleone $6 million
#3 Ragga Dee $4 million
#4 Bebe Cool $2.6 million

Who is the richest female singer in Uganda?

In no particular order, here is the list of richest female artistes in Uganda;

  • Spice Diana.
  • Rema Namakula.
  • Catherine Kusasira.
  • Sheebah Karungi.
  • Grace Nakimera.
  • Judith Babirye.
  • Juliana Kanyomozi.

Who is the richest DJ in Uganda?

DJ Shiru is known for his work of producing up and coming artistes. He is the most famous DJ in Uganda. DJ Shiru net worth is estimated at $600,000.