How old is Blackie in the destructors?

How old is Blackie in the destructors?

How old is Blackie in the destructors?


Why did Trevor destroy the house in the destructors?

Graham Greene himself once said, “Destruction, after all, is a form of creation.” Trevor represents class struggle; he also exhibits the nihilism that resulted from the great wars, especially World War II. They destroyed Old Misery’s house because it was there, and because mob mentality took over.

What type of character is Trevor in the destructors?

Trevor, or “T.” Character Analysis. T. is a brooding, unhappy, rebellious adolescent and the newest member of the Wormsley Common Gang. He comes from a wealthier background than the other boys, but his parents have lost their place in society and moved to the neighborhood.

How is a loss of hope and innocence shown in the destructors?

One of Greene’s strengths in “The Destructors” is to show young people as devoid of hope and promise. Thomas in the bathroom to be found by someone else is reflective of a reality in which young people lack hope and innocence both in their worlds and in themselves.

What is the significance of the setting in the destructors?

The most significant aspect of the setting is the way the destruction of London during World War II, the imagery of the bombed out car park and the ravaged neighborhood, affect the boys in the Wormsley Common Gang.

Why did the driver laugh in the destructors?

A driver who keeps his lorry in the lot near Mr. Thomas’s house. The lorry driver’s laughter suggests that the boy’s hostility to the old pre-war world of strict social class, and their affinity for destruction, is shared more broadly by the community of people around them as well.

How old is Trevor in the destructors?

fifteen years

What is the meaning of the destructors?

1 : a furnace or oven for the burning of refuse : incinerator. 2a : a device for destroying a missile or a part thereof at a desired time in its flight. b : an explosive device for enabling quick destruction of matériel to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemy.

Why was t particularly interested in Old Misery’s house?

He didn’t want to destroy Old Misery’s house because there was no need for it to be destroyed, and because they would have gotten caught. Blackie was thinking about the consequences of his actions more than anyone else in the gang, so I believe he can be saved from complete corruption.

What is commercial fiction genre?

Commercial fiction (or popular fiction) is generally made up of genre fiction and young adult novels that place reader engagement, plot-driven narrative, and exciting writing ahead of complex prose.

What is the main theme of the destructors?

Loyalty. One of the main themes of the story “The Destructors” is loyalty. Before Trevor becomes a member of the Wormsley Common Gang, their undisputed leader is a boy named Blackie, who is very much a “gang” boy.

Why is Trevor the protagonist in the destructors?

Protagonist: T/Trevor: He is a round character because we learn quite a bit about his personality. He is also a static character because he does not change throughout the story. Antagonist: The House: Although it is not a person, the house is the force that opposes T.

Who was Mr Thomas?

Kathy Burke

What does Old Misery’s house symbolize?

Old Misery’s stately home stands as a symbol of a bygone age, an age of elegance and nobility. Though considerably more pleasing than its immediate surroundings, the house is also a symbol of national decay, an old building in an advanced state of dilapidation.

How does the destructors differ from commercial fiction?

Graham Greene’s short story “The Destructors” does not fit into the genre of commercial fiction , or fiction written for profit, in part because of its absurdist language and theme.

Who is Mr Marvel in The Invisible Man?

Thomas Marvel

How is suspense built?

Suspense arises out of your readers’ anticipation of, and worry and fear about, what’s going to happen next. You create suspense by making your readers fear the worst for a character they care deeply about. To build suspense, make your readers worry about all the ways your hero’s plans could go wrong (see Klems).

Why is Trevor called T in the destructors?

Trevor, also known as T., takes over the gang from Blackie. At first, they do not make fun of him even though everything about him means they usually would. This is one of the reasons his name gets shortened to T. He never wasted a word even to tell his name until that was required of him by the rules.

What does the destructors say about human nature?

The story suggests that destruction is part of human nature. It is infinitely more easy to destroy something beautiful, than it is to create it. The boys in the Wormsley Common gang are a microcosm of the senseless destruction and total war ideology of World War II.

What is the major conflict in the destructors?

Major Conflict There is conflict between Trevor and Blackie at the start of the story because Blackie wants to over-rule Trevor about destroying the house and is angry that there is a vote and that all the boys side with Trevor.

Who is the antagonist in the destructors?

Mr. Thomas: Mr. Thomas is the most obvious choice as antagonist, because the boys attempt to circumvent his authority by destroying his house and locking him in the outhouse.

What does Blackie symbolize in the destructors?

Blackie symbolizes the more typical boys’ gang leader of the early part of the twentieth century. Like the other boys who join together in mischievous conduct for thrills and a sense of camaraderie and belonging, Blackie is one of the group, and is a friend of the other boys.

What does Old Misery give the boys?

Thomas “Old Misery,” and indeed he seems like a sad and lonely figure. While he is too much of a miser to fix his plumbing, he does show generosity in once giving the boys chocolates (an action the boys mistrust as a possible bribe).

How is suspense created in the destructors?

Suspense is created through the fear of the boys that they will not be able to destroy the entire house. This larger concern is involved. Also, suspense greatly increases when Mr. Thomas arrives early to the house and they have to devise a plan to contain him.

What characteristics do the gang’s two named exploits pinching free rides and destroying the house have in common?

The most significant thing that they have in common is that neither activity serves a purpose other than creating a name and image for the gang. They pinch rides because they can, not to actually get anywhere. They destroy the house because they can, not because of anything that Old Misery has done.

What is the climax of the destructors?

In “The Destructors,” the climax of the plot occurs when Mike arrives to tell the boys that Old Misery is approaching the home.