How old is Auruo?

How old is Auruo?

How old is Auruo?

I’m sure most fans have heard of the rumor (which is more of a headcanon, it seems) of Oluo being only 19-years-old despite his older features.

Is OLUO copying Levi?

Oluo attempted to copy Levi’s speech patterns, cool attitude, and even smaller details like his hair and fashion and his ability to face Titans all alone. After Levi saved his life, Oluo thanked him and declared that he would follow him anywhere.

Who is OLUO in AOT?

Oruo was a very self-confident, outspoken individual, and enjoyed boasting about his own prowess. Despite his obnoxious demeanor, he was the best out of Levi’s Special Operations Squad; his 39 solo kills (highest solo kills out of his peers, bested only by Levi) fueled his haughty nature.

How old is Pieck?

6 Pieck Finger, The Cart Titan Shifter, Is Approximately 21 Based on the fact that Pieck Finger is around the same age as Reiner Braun when he’s sent on the mission to infiltrate Paradis Island, it’s likely that she’s also around 21 years old.

Is Petra dating OLUO?

In the AOT official Guidebook, Isayama described them to be like “an old married couple”. Petra’s birthday is December 6th, Oluo’s — January 6th. They’re often seen in official art together. The Attack on Titan guidebook describes Petra’s and Oluo’s argument as a “lovers’ quarrel.”

Who is Ilse Langnar?

Ilse Langnar (イルゼ・ラングナー Iruze Rangunā?) was a member of the Survey Corps. She was a participant of the 34th expedition beyond the Walls and was in charge of the left wing of the second brigade. She wrote very useful information about a talking Titan she encountered in a notebook that later aided Hange Zoë’s research.

What Titan is Krista?

Krista Lenz was Historia Riess’ name for her new identity in order to cut her relations with the Riess family by her father Rod Riess. Historia Riess is her real name, and she is currently the Queen of the walls, Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena.

Are Pieck and Porco together?

Pieck and Porco are close friends and there is a common fan theory that one might have feelings for the other (most believe this to be Porco, due to some fans interpreting Porco’s reaction when Pieck hugged another male character in her team as jealousy), although it’s never really shown due to the lack of appearances …

Are Jean and Pieck together?

Considering both horse and cart goes well together the ship tends to be joked around. It is also present the Love Doctor reddit series where Pieck and Jean get married.