How much fuel does a 767 hold?

How much fuel does a 767 hold?

How much fuel does a 767 hold?

There is a maximum fuel capacity of 23,980 U.S. There are 90,770 gallons in this container. There are no ordinary Unit Load Devices on board the 767-300F….How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Boeing 767?

Aircraft Carrier Fuel
767-200/ER American $4,286
767-300/ER North American $6,111
767-300/ER United $4,756

How many fuel tanks did the 767 have?

four body fuel tanks
The Boeing Model 767-2C will have more fuel capacity than a traditional freighter through the addition of four body fuel tanks. The Model 767-2C contains fuel systems that could, directly or as a result of failure or malfunction, affect the aircraft’s structural performance.

How much does fully fueled 767 weigh?

How Much Does A 767 Plane Weight?

Variant 767 200 767 300F
Operating Empty Weight 80,130 kg (176,650 lb) 86,180 kg (190,000 lb)
Max. Takeoff Weight 142,880 kg (315,000 lb) 186,880 kg (412,000 lb)
Fuel 767 200 767 300F
Capacity (Litres) 63,000 91,000

How much fuel does a 767 400 hold?

24,140 U.S. gal 91,377 L
Configuration Objectives

Design weights Basic Option
Fuel capacity 24,140 U.S. gal 91,377 L 24,140 U.S. gal 91,377 L
Major dimensions Length overall 201 ft 4 in 61.37 m
Span, tip to tip 170 ft 4 in 51.92 m

What is the fuel capacity of a 747?

The horizontal tail surfaces of the 747-8 have the capacity to carry 3,300 gallons of fuel.

How many gallons of fuel does a 777 hold?

The wings also serve as fuel storage, with longer-range models able to carry up to 47,890 US gallons (181,300 L) of fuel. This capacity allows the 777-200LR to operate ultra-long-distance, trans-polar routes such as Toronto to Hong Kong.

How much fuel does a 727 hold?

27 gallons each
Type of fuel used is Jet-A weight 6.77 pounds per gallon. The Aircraft has 2 vent/surge tanks, one at each wing tip used for thermal expansion. Their capacity is 27 gallons each.

How much does 1 gallon of aircraft fuel weigh?

Aviation gasoline 6 lb/gal. Turbine fuel 6.7 lb/gal. Lubricating oil 7.5 lb/gal.