How much does the New York Times pay interns?

How much does the New York Times pay interns?

How much does the New York Times pay interns?

How much do New York Times interns make? 1,574 New York Times employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….New York Times Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Intern salaries – 23 salaries reported $50,643/yr
Intern – Hourly salaries – 11 salaries reported $50,452/yr

What is the best internship for accounting students?

Our 10 Best Internship Programs for Accounting Are:

  • Withum Internship Program.
  • Cherry Bekaert, LLP “Accelerate – Ready, Set, Grow” Internship.
  • RSM US LLP Internship.
  • BPM Internship Program.
  • KPMG Internship Program.
  • CBIZ MHM, LLC Internship.
  • Eide Bailly LLP Audit & Tax Internships.
  • Cotton & Company LLP Internship Program.

What are the duties of an accounting intern?

Accounting Intern Responsibilities: Assisting with research, filing, data entry, and recording and maintaining accurate and complete financial records. Preparing financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements, invoices, and other documents. Working with bookkeeping software.

Are unpaid internships illegal in NYC?

In New York, for-profit employers must meet six additional requirements to offer unpaid internship opportunities: The trainees or students are notified, in writing, that they will not receive any wages and are not considered employees for minimum wage purposes.

When should I get an accounting internship?

If you are planning to intern over the summer, we would recommend starting to look for accounting internships no later than the season prior. Many industries prefer to recruit as early as the fall, so staying up to date on fall virtual career fairs will be helpful in securing a role!

How can I be a good accounting intern?

How to Prepare for an Accounting Internship

  1. Figure out the logistics. The key to maximizing your accounting internship experience is preparation, so address the details as soon as possible.
  2. Get to know the company and industry.
  3. Plan your priorities.
  4. Practice office lingo and etiquette.
  5. Do a test drive of your first day.

What do you call an accounting intern?

An Accounting Intern, or Finance Intern, is responsible for practicing their accounting knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Their duties include supporting accounting teams with various accounting projects and tasks as they gain more confidence within their desired industry.

How do I prepare for an accounting internship?

Is $40 an hour a lot?

A $40-per-hour job provides an annual income of around $83,200.