How much does it cost to go to a NASCAR race?

How much does it cost to go to a NASCAR race?

How much does it cost to go to a NASCAR race?

In general, the average cost for a ticket to attend a NASCAR Cup Race will range from $30 to $120. Races in the Xfinity Series will generally sell for $25 to $50.

How fast do the cars go at the Brickyard 400?

NASCAR Brickyard 400 Pace Cars – Indy Speedway. Dale Earnhardt Jr. pound the bricks at up to 198 mph.”

How much are tickets for the NASCAR race on Sunday?

How much are NASCAR tickets? Tickets for NASCAR Cup Series events will generally start in the $30 to $60 range. Xfinity Series tickets usually start at a price between $25 and $50. A starting price of $15 to $40 will usually be able to get you into most of the Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series races.

How long does the Brickyard 400 take?

2020 Brickyard 400

Race details
Course Permanent racing facility 2.5 mi (4 km)
Distance 161 laps, 402.5 mi (644 km)
Scheduled Distance 160 laps, 400 mi (640 km)
Average speed 123.162 miles per hour (198.210 km/h)

Where should I sit at a NASCAR race?

You do want to sit high enough that you can see the opposite side of the track: if you’re down too low, it can be hard to see across the infield. I’d say lower-middle is great, but then again I like to be close to the action.

Is the Brickyard now a road course?

NASCAR turns the Brickyard into a road course, throwing some drivers for a loop. Welcome to the 28th annual Brickyard 400. Whoops, Brickyard 200.

Why did NASCAR stop the Brickyard 400?

Goodyear and NASCAR failed to predict tire loads at Indianapolis with the Car of Tomorrow and the weekend was marred by numerous tire failures—eventually forcing race control to throw competition cautions every 10-12 laps or an average of just nine green flag laps per run. The Brickyard 400 never recovered.

How much are NASCAR pit passes?

Buy A Pit/Paddock Pass Pit/Paddock Passes are $50 and are valid for all event days, they are non-transferable.

What happened to the bricks at Indy?

A 36-inch strip of the original bricks was kept intact at the start/finish line, where it remains today as the fabled Yard of Bricks.


From the roaring sound of V8 engines to the BYOB policy, NASCAR races offer arguably the best atmosphere of any professional sport, which includes wild parties.

How much is a beer at a NASCAR race?

There is a $4-to-$5 price range for soda and water, and an $8-to-$9 price range for beer.