How much does it cost to drill borehole in Accra?

How much does it cost to drill borehole in Accra?

How much does it cost to drill borehole in Accra?

In Ghana, the cost of drilling borehole varies depending on many factors….Cost Of Drilling Borehole.

Description Unit Price (Ghc) Total Price (Ghc)
Borehole Drilling 4,000 4,000
Borehole Construction 760 760
Platform Construction 1,440 440
Pump Installation 900 900

How much does borehole cost?

A borehole cost, if everything goes according to plan, can be anything from R 30 000 to R 100 000, including labour, pipes, cables, rope and a base plate.

How many boreholes are in Ghana?

There are no official national statistics of the numbers of each of these sources, but it is estimated that there are over 15,000 boreholes (hand pumps and electric pumps) and 45,000 hand dug wells across the country.

How much does it cost to build a well in Ghana?

A well costs us $3,100 to build. Comparatively, organizations in rural Sub-Saharan Africa often pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+ for similar wells.

What is a mechanized borehole?

In the area, there are many what in Ghana are called “limited mechanised boreholes”, referring to a system consisting of a borehole, a motorised pump (working on electricity), an overhead tank, and one or two points with spouts, where people can fetch water for a small price.

How long can a borehole last?

A borehole is an asset that should last 50-80 years, with very low maintenance costs in the first 10-15 years. But for this to happen, you need to make the right decisions at the start of the process and invest wisely for long-term returns.

Do you pay for borehole water?

Although in most cases a municipality will not charge you anything for the water drawn from a borehole, there are considerable costs associated with the sinking of the borehole.

How deep is a borehole in Ghana?

depth of boreholes drilled in rocks of the Birimian and Tarkwaian Systems (~ 13 % of project area) generally range from 35 m to 62 m with an average of 42 m (agyekum, 2004).

How deep is the water table in Ghana?

The depth to water level in the area varies between 3 m and 43 m below ground level. Yields range from as low as 0.6 m 3 /h to about 9.0 m 3 /h with specific capacities in the range of 0.027 m 3 /h/m to 18.18 m 3 /h/m (Banoeng-Yakubo et al., 2010) .