How much does an au pair cost in Australia?

How much does an au pair cost in Australia?

How much does an au pair cost in Australia?

Pocket money Au pairs are entitled to receive the national minimum wage, which amounts to $18.29 per hour (gross). The average cost of “room and board” (AUD $350) is to be deducted from the total. On this basis, we can recommend an amount of 200-250 AUD for 30 hours/week.

How long can you be an au pair in Australia?

Both au pair visas for Australia will allow you to spend one year in the country. You can work and travel during this time. You are permitted to work for the same employer, i.e. work as an au pair in Australia, for up to 6 months. However, you are entitled to stay with your host family for 12 months.

How do I get an au pair in Australia?

Au Pair in Australia: step by step guide

  1. Find a Host Family on You can register at, create a profile and find a perfect Host Family in Australia.
  2. Check the validity of your passport.
  3. Take care of the paperwork – sign the contract!
  4. Apply for a visa to Australia.
  5. Insurance in Australia.
  6. Plan your trip!

Can you be an au pair for 1 month?

The officially permitted length of an au pair stay varies from host country to host country. This also can be affected by visa stipulations. Typically au pair stays last between 3 and 12 months. Length of stay information for various countries is given in our table below.

Can I be an au pair for 6 months?

Yes. In addition to the minimum 12 months you commit to being an au pair in the USA, you also have the option to extend your stay for 6, 9, or 12 more months.

Can Australians au pair in Australia?

Requirements for au pairs You are unmarried and have no children. You have a good knowledge of English. You have at least 5,000 Australian dollars (AUD) in your bank account and can pay for your travel costs. You have never had a Work and Holiday Visa (462) for Australia before.

Do I have to cook for my au pair?

Remember that even if they host family doesn’t ask you or require you to cook, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t LOVE a night off. Host Families, give your Au Pair ownership over the groceries. Give them some freedom to pick out things they love at the store.