How much does a Marwari horse cost in India?

How much does a Marwari horse cost in India?

How much does a Marwari horse cost in India?

On average, a Marwari horse in India will cost between 5-8 lakhs or more (approximately $5,000-$10,000 and up). Marwari horses are rare outside India and there are only a handful in America.

What is the cost of Marwari horse?

Marwari Horse Breed at a Glance

Height 150 cm (Male), 53 cm – 140 cm (Female)
Lifespan 25 to 30 Years
Temperament Brave, Loyal, Spirited, Friendly & Trainable
Price $5,000 to $15,000 (Rs. 8,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000)
Colour Usually chestnut or bay, grey, brown, piedbald & Skewbald

How many Marwari horses are there in India?

As per Livestock census (1992) population of horses and ponies of different breeds in the country is approximately 817 million and the population of horses in Rajasthan is approximately 24,000 out of which it was observed that only about 3000 horses are true to Marwari breed and others are cross of Marwari with …

Can Marwari horses be exported?

The exportation of Marwari horses was banned for decades, but between 2000 and 2006, a small number of exports were allowed. Since 2008, visas allowing temporary travel of Marwari horses outside India have been available in small numbers.

Who is the most expensive horse in India?


  • Marwari horse purchased for Rs 1.11 crore in Rajasthan.
  • Narayansinh makes two stables, a swimming pool for the horse.
  • Marwari breed is the most research horse breeds in the world.

Is horse breeding profitable in India?

In a word, no. For the very top echelon of individual disciplines, breeding excellent examples of the type can be remunerative.

Is horse riding legal in India?

bmc: All horse rides are illegal as BMC stopped issuing licences in 2015 | Mumbai News – Times of India.

How long do Marwari horses live?

Quick Information

Other Names Malani, Marwadi
Blood Type Warm
Lifespan 25-30 years
Ancestors (Bloodlines) Arabian, Mongolian, and local horse breeds
Popular Traits Beautiful, obedient, smooth gallop, loving, strong, durable, friendly

Is stud farming profitable?

Though stud farms continue to exist, the profitability is low and the cost high. There is also no regulation for the desi breeds and export orders are virtually non-existent.