How much did The Expendables 2 make?

How much did The Expendables 2 make?

How much did The Expendables 2 make?

315 million USDThe Expendables 2 / Box office

Why was Jet Li barely in Expendables 2?

The sequel’s co-writer Richard Wenk later explained to HN Entertainment in a 2019 interview that following this deal falling through, they had to find a way to get Li out of the movie too. It was actually Sly’s idea to have him just jump out of the plane over China.

How much was the budget for expendables?

80 million USDThe Expendables / Budget

Did the Expendables movies make money?

See the Box Office tab (Domestic) and International tab (International and Worldwide) for more Cumulative Box Office Records….Latest Ranking on Cumulative Box Office Lists.

Record Rank Amount
All Time Domestic Box Office for R Movies (Rank 101-200) 147 $103,068,524

Did the expendables make money?

The film did manage to make some of its money back abroad, bringing its global total up to $206 million, but that’s still far less than the $305 million (Expendables 2) and $274 million (Expendables) its predecessors pulled in.

What was the budget for expendables 4?

The success of The Expendables gave The Expendables 2 an even bigger budget of $100 million. The Expendables 3 would go on to have a similar budget, which means The Expendables 4 is set to have a budget in the ballpark of a whopping $200 million.

Did expendables 3 make money?

Box office. The Expendables 3 grossed $39.3 million in North America and $175.3 million in other territories for a total gross of $214.6 million.

Did The Expendables make money?

Who was the highest paid actor in Expendables 3?

The Expendables: Net Worth Of Entire Main Cast

  1. 1 Sylvester Stallone ($400 Million)
  2. 2 Jet Li ($200 Million)
  3. 3 Jason Statham ($70 Million)
  4. 4 Stone Cold Steve Austin ($45 Million)
  5. 5 Terry Crews ($20 Million)
  6. 6 Randy Couture ($17 Million)
  7. 7 Dolph Lundgren ($15 Million)
  8. 8 Mickey Rourke ($15 Million)