How much did a Honda Civic cost in 1998?

How much did a Honda Civic cost in 1998?

How much did a Honda Civic cost in 1998?

About the 1998 Honda Civic

Sedan Original MSRP/Price Drive
Civic 4dr Sdn DX Manual $12735 / $11425 FWD
Civic 4dr Sdn EX Auto $17280 / $15503 FWD
Civic 4dr Sdn EX Manual $16480 / $14785 FWD
Civic 4dr Sdn LX Auto $15550 / $13706 FWD

What is a 2 door Honda Civic called?

Generations: 13. First production year: 1994. Engines: Gasoline. Body style: Coupé (two-door)

Is a 98 Civic reliable?

Excellent Reliability Makes 1998 The Best Honda Civic Year The sixth-generation Civic, specifically the ’98 model is extremely reliable with pretty high-reliability ratings from experts and owners. They are not only comfortable but also ridiculously cheap and easy to own and maintain.

Is there a 2 door Civic?

The new-generation Civic will be offered as a four-door sedan and a—still to be show—hatchback, but for the first time in Honda’s US-market history, there will be no two-door Civic.

Are old civics reliable?

Honda Civics are undeniably reliable With very little maintenance Civics are known to go well over 200,000 miles. It makes sense that we see older Civics on the road as both enthusiast cars and first-time driver cars.

What Gen is a 98 Civic?

The sixth generation Honda Civic is an automobile produced by Honda from 1995 until 2000.

Does Honda still make 2 door cars?

Discontinued Honda Coupes There are only two Honda coupes to choose from in the USA. One is intended for the average shopper looking for a stylish commuter, while the other is sport-focused and has a much more athletic outlook on life.

Is Honda Bringing Back the Civic Coupe?

New 2022 Honda Civic Coupe, Sedan & Hatchback | Springfield PA.