How many stages are there in Dan the Man?

How many stages are there in Dan the Man?

How many stages are there in Dan the Man?

Punch, kick, and blast your way through 12 action-packed levels in this nail-biting platformer based on the hilarious web series by Studio JOHO. But the fight doesn’t end there! Get your adrenaline pumping with Battle Mode, daily events, and more characters (like Barry Steakfries!) and lay the smack down!

What happens at the end of Dan the Man?

In the end, the robot was no match for the duo’s overwhelming firepower, and was defeated. Dan and Josie, having bonded over fighting the robot together, fell in love, this triggered a bonus stage which was love themed as well as based on parkour, and the duo relished their experience together.

What is the story of Dan the Man?

On March 23, 2010, the first episode of the web series, Dan the Man was posted on YouTube. The series, much like the video game, follows Dan, as he tries to find love while defeating threats that come his way, and eventually tries to overthrow the King.

Who are the enemies in Dan the Man?

List of Enemies

Enemy Name HP (Normal) Damage (Normal)
Ninja Marksman 80 10 (gun) 10 (spin attack)
Bruiser 120 20 (club) 20 (charge)
Commando 200 10 (headbutt) 5 (gun) 20 (whack) 25 (charge)
Elite Commando 200 15 (headbutt) 25 (whack) 10 (gun) 25 (charge)

Is Josie pregnant in Dan The Man?

A retro-gaming styled cut-scene showcased in humorous fashion, that Josie was impregnated by Dan during intercourse that night.

What is the hardest boss in Dan The Man?

The Final Boss is the final boss of Dan The Man. It is controlled by King Resistance in an attempt to finish off the player-controlled character.

Is Dan The Man a good game?

Well now you can! Download Dan The Man, the best retro arcade action game on mobile now….Awards & Rankings.

29 #29 Best iOS Game of 2016
15 #15 Most Discussed iOS Game of 2016
81 #81 Most Shared iOS Game of 2016

How do you get Barry in Dan The Man?

Barry Steakfries is a special guest character in Dan The Man, hailing as a crossover from his own series of games, which include Jetpack Joyride, Age of Zombies and Monster Dash. However, he must be purchased via IAP (In App Purchase), or by inviting five friends to complete the full prologue of the official game.