How many refs are needed in indoor soccer?

How many refs are needed in indoor soccer?

How many refs are needed in indoor soccer?

5.1 Referees: One (1) Referee officiates each game. The Referee may be assisted by a second floor Referee, an Assistant Referee, and a Timekeeper. So long as a Referee is on the facility compound of an assigned game, he shall execute, or delegate to other Game Officials the execution of, these Rules.

What are the rules to indoor soccer?

Indoor Soccer Rules

  • No cleats of any kind allowed in indoor leagues. Players must wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes.
  • All games will be played with a size 4 futsal ball (not the same as a soccer ball).
  • Shin guards are required for all players.

How do you get a blue card in indoor soccer?

Blue Card: Unless otherwise provided below, the Referee issues a Blue Card for serious Fouls and Unsporting Behavior (by a player) and for: (a) Deliberate Handball or Handball by a Goalkeeper; (b) Goalkeeper Endangerment; (c) Boarding; (d) Any Foul by the Goalkeeper during a Shootout.

Can you slide tackle in indoor soccer?

Sliding & Slide Tackles: Players are not allowed to slide tackle in indoor soccer. If a slide is performed, a direct free kick is awarded to the opposition team.

What makes a good soccer referee?

This are 5 key factors to become a top referee – things every referee should work on – 5 qualities World Cup referees shoul have: Impeccable performances and the fullest concentration in the matches in the period before the World Cup. Consistency. Be able to make decisions based on uniform and consistent criteria.

Is indoor or outdoor soccer better?

Indoor soccer is faster, smaller, and more intensive than the outdoor game. Players develop key skills including: positioning, off-the-ball movement, and individual attacking & defending. Indoor fields are smaller than outdoor fields, and the number of players on pitch is significantly less.

What is a Purple card in soccer?

The Purple Card has been added to the officials tools of the Yellow and Red cards but will be used to address spectator behavior during a match. The 1st issuance of the Purple card will be displayed in one hand together with a Yellow card.

Do you wear shin guards for indoor soccer?

Indoor Soccer Apparel The only required protective item you must wear is your shin guards, which is the same for outdoor.