How many islands are in the Hauraki Gulf?

How many islands are in the Hauraki Gulf?

How many islands are in the Hauraki Gulf?

Hauraki Gulf Marine Park covers an area of more than 1.2 million hectares. There are more than 50 islands within the park, many of which are public conservation lands managed by us.

What is Hauraki Gulf famous for?

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is also New Zealand’s largest marine reserve, protecting our precious marine and birdlife. For an unforgettable experience, jump on a whale and dolphin safari(opens in new window) and head out to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

Why is it called Hauraki Gulf?

Waiheke Island, a resort, lies in the gulf, opposite Waitematā Harbour, the port of Auckland. The name Hauraki comes from the Maori for “north wind.”

Which is the largest island in the Hauraki Gulf?

Great Barrier
Waiheke – also known as the ‘island of wine’ for its numerous award-winning wineries – and Great Barrier are the largest islands in the gulf, while others range from wildlife sanctuaries to volcanoes.

Who owns the Hauraki Gulf?

Meat mogul John Ramsey, a businessman with considerable primary processing industry interests, has controlled the Hauraki Gulf’s precious gem for 23 years. That might seem like everyone’s dream.

What is the island off Auckland called?

Waiheke Island
Waiheke Island (/waɪˈhɛkiː/; Māori: [ˈwaihɛkɛ]) is the second-largest island (after Great Barrier Island) in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. Its ferry terminal in Matiatia Bay at the western end is 21.5 km (13.4 mi) from the central-city terminal in Auckland.

What animals live in the Hauraki Gulf?

8 native species you could see in the Hauraki Gulf this summer

  • Bryde’s whale.
  • Tākapu/Australasian gannet.
  • Tuatara.
  • Pākaha/Fluttering shearwater.
  • Tūturiwhatu/New Zealand Dotterel.
  • Takahē
  • Common dolphins.
  • Saddleback/Tīeke.

Who owns most of Waiheke?

Anne Gibson. Waiheke’s biggest landowner has lost a challenge over the zoning on parts of its holdings on the island’s eastern tip and on a nearby island. Justice Pamela Andrews yesterday delivered her decision in the case brought by Man O’War Station in the High Court at Auckland against Auckland Council.

Where is Hauraki Gulf located?

North Island of New Zealand
The Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana is a coastal feature of the North Island of New Zealand. It has an area of 4000 km2, and lies between, in anticlockwise order, the Auckland Region, the Hauraki Plains, the Coromandel Peninsula, and Great Barrier Island.

Why is disappointment island called Disappointment Island?

Further European contact with Napuka Atoll only took place again two centuries later, in 1765, with British explorer John Byron. He named Napuka and Tepoto “Disappointment Islands” because he found the natives to be hostile toward him. The islands were also visited by the United States Exploring Expedition in 1839.

Does anyone live in the Auckland Islands?

The main Auckland Island, occupying 510 km2 (200 sq mi), is surrounded by smaller Adams Island, Enderby Island, Disappointment Island, Ewing Island, Rose Island, Dundas Island, and Green Island, with a combined area of 626 km2 (240 sq mi). The islands have no permanent human inhabitants.

Are there sharks in the Hauraki Gulf?

Around 73 species of shark can be found in New Zealand. In the Hauraki Gulf we most commonly see smooth hammerheads, blues, mako, bronze whalers and thresher sharks. We love to see sharks on our trips, as it allows us to show our passengers that they aren’t as scary as they are usually perceived to be.