How long does Trissola keratin treatment last?

How long does Trissola keratin treatment last?

How long does Trissola keratin treatment last?

3-6 months
Trissola True which is their regular keratin formula for hair with frizz typically lasts 3-6 months depending on hair growth.

Does Trissola true have formaldehyde?

Featured Products This is a keratin smoothing treatment designed for professional use. Trissola Solo Treatment is FREE of Formaldehyde, Lye and Cysteine.

How long does Nanoplastia hair treatment last?

nanoplastia treatment 100% straight shine and strength wash & go upto 5 months.

What is Trissola true?

What is Trissola True? True is a heat-activated restructuring keratin treatment that can be used on every hair type. True will leave the hair smooth, frizz-free and manageable with incredible shine for up to six months. Wash and style the same day; no restrictions.

Is Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment the same?

A Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz and flyaways while protecting against humidity damage, whereas, Keratin treatment is a cosmetic and hair care treatment that helps to improve strength, flexibility, and shininess.

What is Supersilk treatment?

Supersilk smoothing service offers deep conditioning that infuses the hair with Nano Silk Complex particles and Sericin protein, which is derived from the cocoons of silk worms. It leaves the hair soft and smooth. It is also well suited for all hair types. This treatment comes with an after care regime.

Is Nanoplastia chemical free?

It does not contain any harsh chemicals, formaldehyde releasers, carboncysteine and all nasties. It combines two acids to create the perfect smooth, manageable, hydrated hair. Our Nanoplastia will let your hair with a glossy but natural effect.

Is Nanoplastia safe for hair?

Nanoplastia is also called nano-straightening….Nanoplastia vs Keratin Hair Straightening.

HEALTH 100% Safe – Burns the eyes – Affects Respiratory System – Risk health of the client or professional – Strong Smell

What lasts longer Brazilian Blowout or keratin?

A Brazilian blowout typically lasts about three months where a keratin treatment typically lasts three to five months. This all depends on how often you shampoo and the natural texture of your hair.