How long does DEC to Lexus last?

How long does DEC to Lexus last?

How long does DEC to Lexus last?

What is the December to Remember Lexus Sales Event? Through January 4th of 2021, you’ll enjoy 0% APR for up to 60 months on your Lexus loan thanks to the December to Remember Sales Event. Top things off, prices are reduced across the board.

Do Lexus dealerships negotiate?

Negotiation-free Pricing-Lexus Plus dealers will provide negotiation-free, market-value prices for every offering available for purchase at a dealership. This transparent pricing approach includes new and pre-owned vehicles, service packages, accessories, and more.

Can you negotiate Lexus prices?

While some companies are turning to the internet to change the way we buy cars, others are taking a more classical approach. Car dealerships are known for the negotiation process upon purchasing a new or used car.

When did Lexus start December to?

Many automakers have some sort of year-end sales event, but none have been as catchy and memorable as the Lexus December to Remember campaign. This festive campaign has been going strong since 1999.

What is Lexus cash?

Called Lexus Cash, the offer is similar to most cashback incentives from other automakers. Shoppers can choose to take the discount or opt for low-interest financing. In most cases, finance rates are up to a full percentage point better than last month. Most models now feature 1.9% APR for up to 72 months.

What does Lexus plus mean?

Lexus Plus is a program with two major features that make car shopping easier and less stressful. First, Lexus Plus prices are negotiation-free and transparent. There’s no haggling, you just pay a fair-market-value price.

How do you make it a December to remember?

But there are ways to make the best of it and make this a December to remember….Create new family traditions.

  1. Do a holiday puzzle.
  2. Play board games.
  3. Watch Christmas movies snuggled under blankets.
  4. Make a hot cocoa bar.
  5. Read a novel together every night.
  6. Bake cookies.
  7. Go toboganning.
  8. Decorate gingerbread houses.

Can you use cash back as down payment?

How Do You Use the Rebate? WSapling explains that when you receive a cash back rebate, you can use it on anything you want. But it is best you put the rebate back into your car purchase. Doing so can cover your down payment or other fees such as taxes, license plate fees, or monthly payments.

How much will the 2022 Lexus NX cost?

The 2022 Lexus NX will start at just $37,950 (plus $1,075 destination). For a starting price nearly $5,000 lower than that of the Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC, or BMW X3, the 2022 NX gives you modest power from its front-drive 203-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine.