How does Peter respond to Anne?

How does Peter respond to Anne?

How does Peter respond to Anne?

How does Peter respond to Anne’s speech? He is impressed that Anne can speak her mind. What bad news is Anne concerned about at the end of Scene 1? The people who distributed the ration books got arrested.

Do you think everyone in the annex should have had a part in the decision to take in Mr Dussel explain your answer?

Do you think everyone in the annex should have had a part in the decision to take in Mr. Dussel? Explain your answer. Yes, even though it is Mr.

Why is it important to read the diary of Anne Frank?

Reading Anne’s diary really made me reflect on my own life, and what is truly important. Personally, I would never be able to stay trapped in one place for such a long time, knowing that any day could be my last. That tells me just how much heart and willpower Anne Frank had.

Why does Mr Dussel make Peter furious?

Peter is angry at Dussel because he says that someone ate his cat Moushi. Most of the altercations between Peter and Dussel are about Peter’s cat. Peter brought the cat into hiding with him, and he loved it very much. From the minute Dussel first found out about the cat, he was upset.

How does Anne’s visits with Peter cause conflict for Mrs Frank?

How do Anne’s visits with Peter cause conflict for Mrs. Anne Frank, She knows Mrs. Van Daan will start talking bad about her as she goes to Peter’s room.

How does Anne compare her situation in the annex to what others are facing?

Answer: Anne thinks that other people treat her with contempt in the Annex, unlike the way they treat the two young people (Peter and Margot). She always hears things about herself being an “exasperated child” while Margot (Anne’s sister) and Peter (the son of van Daans) were always considered the role models.

Why did Mr Frank leave Amsterdam?

Mr. Frank told Miep he was leaving to Amsterdam because he doesn’t want to be reminded of all of the bad things that was happening and has happened. Frank told Miep to burn them.

Why is Anne Frank no longer considered German?

Anne talks about how some Jews chose not to go into hiding. Why is Anne no longer considered German? Because she is a Jew and Hitler took away their nationality. You just studied 7 terms!

What is the last line in the diary of Anne Frank?

“As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things. By that I mean not finding anything wrong with flirtations, a kiss, an embrace, an off-color joke.

What can we learn from the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank’s diary taught that we don’t really need all the stuff that we think we really “need”, like a TV, or a smartphone. Anne Frank learned how to enjoy even the smallest bits of life, like the sun, or the sound of birds, a sound that I particularly have found quite annoying.

Why does Anne Frank leave her diary behind?

The new material reveals a different side of the murdered teenage author. When Anne Frank was arrested in the “secret annex” she and her family had hidden in between 1942 and 1944, she had to leave her beloved diary behind. She had no idea she would one day become one of the Holocaust’s most famous symbols.

How does Anne preserve her dignity and hope despite her suffering?

Answer: Anne is able to preserve her dignity and hope through staying positive and writing in her diary.

What made Anne Frank happy?

When she first went to the concentration camp, Anne was happy to finally be outside with nature, rather than breaking down or going crazy like everyone else. She truly is an inspirational girl, and had the spirit to overcome the toughest of times, as well as help others.