How do you pronounce sativus?

How do you pronounce sativus?

How do you pronounce sativus?


  1. (Classical) IPA: /saˈtiː.u̯us/, [s̠äˈt̪iːu̯ʊs̠]
  2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /saˈti.vus/, [säˈt̪iːvus]

How do you pronounce Flanax?

The brand name ‘Naprosyn; Aleve’ is pronounced: Naproxen (brand name Naprosyn; Aleve) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

What is meant by Lathyrism?

: a neurotoxic disorder chiefly affecting people and domestic animals (such as cows and horses) that is characterized especially by irreversible spastic paralysis of the hind or lower limbs and that results from poisoning by an amino acid found in the seeds of some legumes (genus Lathyrus and especially L. sativus)

What is the causes of Lathyrism?

Lathyrism is a chronic toxic nutritional neurological disease caused by long-term (or subacute) ingestion of flour made from the drought-resistant chickling pea (Lathyrus sativus).

How do you pronounce CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol (pronounced ca-nuh-bi-DYE-ol).

How do you say iridaceae?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Iridaceae. iri-daceae. eer-ih-DAY-see-ee.
  2. Meanings for Iridaceae.
  3. Synonyms for Iridaceae. iris family. liliid monocot family. family Iridaceae.
  4. Examples of in a sentence.
  5. Translations of Iridaceae. Korean : 붓꽃과 Arabic : سوسنيه Russian : Касатиковые Chinese : 鸢尾科

How do you pronounce flurbiprofen?

Phonetic spelling of flurbiprofen

  1. flur-bi-pro-fen. Felicia Simonis.
  2. flur-bipro-fen. Cornelius Emmerich.
  3. flur-bĭp′rə-fən. Priscilla Kiehn.
  4. flur-bipro-fen.
  5. flure-BI-proe-fen.
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How do you pronounce nonsteroidal?

  1. Phonetic spelling of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. non-s-teroidal anti-in-flam-ma-tory. non-s-ter-oidal anti-in-flam-mat-ory.
  2. Synonyms for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. NSAID.
  3. Translations of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. German : nicht-steroidale anti-inflammatorische.

What is the cause of lathyrism?

Which pulse causes lathyrism?

It may be noted that lathyrism is one of the oldest neuro toxic diseases know to man. Its pathogenesis is still not fully known and it is considered that it is caused by the intake of lathyrus sativus (kesari dal). It is a form of spastic paraparesis affecting the lower limbs in humans.

Is there a cure for lathyrism?

The disease is usually nonprogressive but irreversible. Tolperisone, a centrally acting muscle relaxant, has been shown to produce significant reduction in the spasticity in neurolathyrism patients. Other than that there is remarkably little in the literature about the drug treatment of the condition.