How do you get hm04 in Pokemon Blue?

How do you get hm04 in Pokemon Blue?

How do you get hm04 in Pokemon Blue?

Get HM 04 – Strength and Rare Candy With the Gold Teeth in hand, go back to the Warden’s house in Fuchsia City (it’s the house in the southeast, below the pond). As a reward for bringing back his teeth, he will give you HM 04 – Strength.

Is meowth good Pokemon Blue?

Tips: Meowth, everyone’s favorite talking Pokemon, is only found in Pokemon Blue — which may have added to the whole myth that it’s some kind of “uber-Pokemon”. Well, it’s not — Meowth has some serious flaws when it comes to Attack, Defense and Special stats, but it eventually evolves into the much better Persian.

How do you get hm04 in Pokémon?

While you are in the Safari Zone you might as well go to the secret house in the end and get surf, then exit the Safari Zone. Then you have to talk to the Warden in Fushia City (his house is to the right of the Pokemon center) and he will give you strength.

What does Moonstone do in blue?

The Moon Stone you pick up here is a crucial item, and one of only five Moon Stones in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Moon Stones are the one and only way to make certain Pokémon evolve, of which there are exactly four: Nidorino (Nidoking), Nidorina (Nidoqueen), Jigglypuff (Wigglytuff) and Clefairy (Clefable).

How do I get to Fuchsia City in Pokémon Blue?

There are two ways of getting to Fuchsia City, the easiest way is to use Cycling Road. Make sure you have the Bike and the PokeFlute in your bag, and head west from Celadon City. When you reach the Snorlax, play the PokeFlute (access it through Items on the menu).

Is Meowth a rare Pokemon?

While it is possible for players to encounter a Shiny Meowth during this event, it would be extremely rare since the spawn rates are favoring Kalos Pokemon. From experience, your best bet to hunt it would be waiting until there is no event happening or until there is another Kanto-themed event.

Where is Surf fire red?

Surf is located in a house in the safari zone in Fuchsia city.

What evolves from Thunderstone?

And finally, there are just two Pokemon that evolve using a Thunder Stone:

  • Wild Pikachu to Raichu.
  • Wild Eevee to Jolteon.

How do you get to Fuchsia City Let’s go Pikachu?

You can reach Fuchsia City after obtaining the Poké Flute, starting from either Route 12 or Route 16.