How do I turn off YouTube annotations?

How do I turn off YouTube annotations?

How do I turn off YouTube annotations?

Click the gear icon in the menu bar along the bottom edge of the video player. A settings panel will pop up with a toggle switch to turn off annotations. Note: this switch will also turn off YouTube’s new interactive cards.

When did YouTube stop using annotations?

YouTube announced in 2017 that the platform would no longer support annotations after January 15, 2019. At the time the announcement was made, the reason was that there was a 70% decline in usage. The main reason? Annotations didn’t work on mobile devices.

How do I disable annotations?

In the Screen Share menu at the top of your meeting screen, click the More button. Select the Disable Annotation for Others option from the drop-down menu.

Why did YouTube take away annotations?

YouTube actually announced the end of annotations early in 2017, when the video platform shut down the annotations editor. At the time, YouTube said the reason for ending them was due to a 70-percent decrease in usage. The main cause? Annotations simply didn’t work on mobile.

What is a YouTube annotation?

Annotations can be used to add text to your videos to let your viewers know about updates and other information about your video, to create interactive YouTube campaigns and to link to other videos, channels, subscription pages and more on the YouTube site.

How do I turn on annotations on YouTube 2021?

How to add YouTube annotations:

  1. Click on the video manager tab.
  2. Click edit tab under the video screen shot you want to add the annotation on.
  3. Click on the “End screen & Annotation” tab.

Are YouTube annotations back?

Annotations Restored for YouTube™ Brings annotation support back to YouTube™!

Do annotations still work on YouTube?

YouTube today announced that it will be replacing its annotations engine with what it calls End Screen and Cards, which are existing, mobile-first tools that provide many of the same functions as annotations like linking to other videos and polling viewers.

How do I turn off annotations on YouTube 2022?

Turn of annotations permanently To do so, go to Account Settings → Playback on YouTube. Here, you will get a few options and you need to uncheck the box next to ‘Show annotations and in-video notifications’.

Are annotations still on YouTube?

YouTube annotations, those annoying translucent boxes that you rush to disable the moment they appear, will finally disappear for good on January 15th, 2019. After this date, “all existing annotations will be removed,” according to a YouTube support page.

How do I turn off YouTube annotations on Iphone?

On YouTube website you can disable end cards by going on Account Settings -> Playback and uncheck “Show annotations, channel promotions and interactive cards on videos.”

How do I turn off annotations on YouTube Mobile 2021?

When you open the favorite video, click on the gear icon, and in the small menu, you will see “Annotations” item. Slide to the left to disable it. The third and the most convenient way is to completely disable annotations and cards for any video that you watch on YouTube.