How do I transfer saves from PS2 to PS3?

How do I transfer saves from PS2 to PS3?

How do I transfer saves from PS2 to PS3?


  1. Select (Game) > (Memory Card Utility (PS / PS2)).
  2. Connect the memory card adaptor to the PS3™ system and insert a memory card.
  3. Select the icon of the saved data that you want to copy from the displayed memory card, and then press the.
  4. Select [Copy].

Can you put PS2 memory card into PS3?

The PS3 Memory Card Adapter allows you to transfer your PS1 or PS2 game saves back and forth from your PS1 to PS2 memory card to the PS3 hard drive. The PS3 memory card adapter utilizes USB 2.0 technology so that you can copy and move your game save in no time.

How do I save PS2 saves to USB?

How do I transfer PS2 memory card to USB? This likely involves going to a « Devices » menu and selecting the memory card choice, picking a saved game from a list and selecting « Copy to (flash drive). » Run the same software and plug in the drive to transfer saves to the PS2.

How do I connect my PS2 memory card to my computer?

Insert the PS2 memory card. Get the PS2 memory card and insert it into your USB memory card adapter. Since it is USB-based, you should be able to connect this memory card adapter to the multi-hub adapter.

Can you save PS2 games on PS3?

In order to save your PS2 games, you’ll need to create a virtual Memory Card that the PS2 game will treat as a physical card. You can do this from the PS3’s XMB. Press the PS button to open the XMB. Open the Game menu and select “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2).”

Can you use a USB for a PS2 memory card?

You can do this using a program called Open PS2 Loader, it will let you create virtual memory card images on a USB storage device. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with games loaded from disc. You have to boot the game from a USB drive, internal hard drive or network share.

How do I transfer data from USB to PS3?

Backing up to USB Navigate to Game on the XMB, then move down to Saved Data Utility (PS3). Select it, then move down to the game you want to backup the saves for. Press triangle on your controller and select the Copy option. Choose USB Device, and your game will be backed up to your external drive.