How do I publish ASC timetable online?

How do I publish ASC timetable online?

How do I publish ASC timetable online?

You can publish the timetable direct from aSc TimeTables. Click menu “TimeTables online”. Then login to your edupage. Use name of your edupage as “Username” and admin password, or you can use password to teacher’s account, who has rights to publishing timetable.

How do you upload ASC timetable on EduPage?

Go to Modify/Basic school data:

  1. And then select import from timetable:
  2. Select a timetable you want to import from.
  3. Press Next and the system will show you the objects it will import from timetables:
  4. Add this means the teacher from the timetable will be added to EduPage.
  5. And select teacher to which she will be linked:

What is aSc EduPage?

Complete school system EduPage is a cloud based school management system fully integrated with our world leading scheduling software. Good timetable is crucial for most of the school tasks – from curriculum inputting, attendance tracking, room booking, assigning homework up to e-learning.

How can I download aSc TimeTables for free?

You can always download the latest version of aSc TimeTables from our web page:

  1. Open and choose your country.
  2. Click Download:
  3. Download installation file for Windows computers or for MAC computers.

How do you make an online classroom timetable?

Part 2 – Online Classes 9am to 3pm

  1. Take notes.
  2. Keep your back straight – sit on a table.
  3. Actively engage in class, ask questions and answer them.
  4. Make a distraction sheet on the side – attend to this after all your classes are over.
  5. Keep notifications off.
  6. Keep a bottle of water and a glass next to you.

What computer do I need to run AASC timetables?

aSc TimeTables will run fine on any PC that is able to run Windows 2000 or higher (2003/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/10). As always: the better the computer, the faster the software will generate the timetable…. E.g you have e.g 3 single Math lessons and one double Math lessons. You do not want that double to be on Monday or on Wednesday.

How to set the timetable for more than 5 days?

In menu Options/Settings it is possible to set the timetable to be for more days than just 5 days (e.g 10 days): Please note that in this case you have to double the teache… By default the software will not create a window/gap for a class. The software calculates so called Education block.

How to add recess times in asctimetables?

In aScTimetables you can input only one recess times… In case you use two week timetable on your school, you have two options how to input it in program: Option 1 – weekly timetables for each lesson you can precisely specify in which week it can… 1. Try to generate on higher complexity 2.

How to print timetables for each subject?

Go to menu “Files/Printing area”. In the right bottom corner check “Print timetables of subject”. Program will print timetables for each subject where you can see list of cl… aSc TimeTables – Data input – Bells/Breaks – Can I set the number of lessons per day?