How do I promote my new rap artist?

How do I promote my new rap artist?

How do I promote my new rap artist?

The Best Marketing Strategies For Hip Hop Artists

  1. Do more collaborations. Collaborations are huge because they allow you to “trade fans” with other artists.
  2. Put out as much music as you can.
  3. Hit up vloggers to feature your music.
  4. Stay focused and consistent over the long term.

Where can I find upcoming rappers?

8 Places to Find the Latest (Undiscovered) Rap Songs

  • Add This Music.
  • Undiscovered.
  • YouTube.
  • SoundCloud.
  • Spotify.
  • Genius.
  • Hot New Hip Hop.
  • New Hip Hop Stars.

How do you get noticed for rapping?

So let’s take a look at some key tips on how to become a better rapper:

  1. Listen To A Variety Of Music. Don’t just listen to artists that you know you like, branch out and listen to a variety of music.
  2. Rap Battles.
  3. Try Poetry.
  4. Read The Dictionary.
  5. Stand Out.
  6. Hone Your Fan Base.
  7. Create A Hit Song.

Where can I submit a rap?

5 Best Hip Hop Blogs To Submit Your Music

  1. Underground Hip Hop Blog. As the name suggests, Underground Hip Hop Blog features fresh underground music from around the world.
  2. HipHop-N-More.
  3. Upcoming Hip Hop.
  5. Sphere of Hip Hop.

How do I promote my first rap song?

Let’s get to it!

  1. Get to Know and Support Other Artists.
  2. Spend More Time Performing Than On Social Media.
  3. Upload to All Streaming Sites.
  4. Build Your Own Platform.
  5. Get Your Own Website.
  6. Build a mailing list.
  7. Document Your Journey.
  8. Hire Social Media Influencers.

How do rappers get buzz?

10 Tips to Grow Your Fanbase as a Rapper

  1. Every Single Fan Must Bring in At Least One New Fan.
  2. Increase the Quality of Your Music Videos and Market on YouTube.
  3. Share Your Music on FanDistro.
  4. Organize Bigger, Better and More Frequent Gigs.
  5. Passively Market Yourself through Merchandise.
  6. Scale up Your Advertising.

Is becoming a rapper easy?

Becoming a rapper isn’t easy, however, and there will be a lot of haters and competitors out there hoping to make you fail. But if you try to focus, make great music, build a fanbase and get the right connections, you too can make it big in “the game.”

Where can I send my songs?

Now that you know how to submit your track, let’s go over where to submit your track to.

  • 13 Places Where You Can Submit Your Music.
  • Blogs.
  • Hype Machine Blogs.
  • Spotify Playlist Submission Forms.
  • Playlist Curators.
  • Labels.
  • A&R.
  • SubmitHub.