How do I get my PIN for motor tax renewal?

How do I get my PIN for motor tax renewal?

How do I get my PIN for motor tax renewal?

Your PIN is the last six digits of your Vehicle Registration Certificate Number when taxing a second hand (taxed before) vehicle. Your PIN is the last six characters of your vehicle’s chassis number (VIN) as printed on your RF100 form when taxing a brand new or imported vehicle for the first time.

Is there a problem with motor tax online?

It is a pretty good scam.” The email claims the motor tax payment did not go through. Drivers who receive an email purporting to be from the Department of Transport, who suspect it to be fraudulent, are advised to delete it.

How old does a car have to be for classic tax Ireland?

30 years old
Any vehicle body type 30 years old from date of manufacture qualifies as vintage on which a concessionary rate of motor tax can apply. and the submission of the old VRC (Vehicle registration Cert) where available.

Is there any way to tax a car without a logbook?

Can you tax a car without the V5C logbook? No. You cannot tax your vehicle if you do not have a V5C logbook. You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner, as a V5C only proves you are the registered keeper of said vehicle.

Can you tax a vehicle without the log book?

Can I tax a car without a log book? No, you can’t tax a car without a log book as you need the 11-digit reference number. If you’re a new keeper of the car and you don’t have a V5C in your name yet, then you can use your green new keeper slip and tax the car using the 12-digit reference number.

Where can I find my tax PIN?

If you’re unable to retrieve your IP PIN online, you may call us at 800-908-4490 for specialized assistance, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. your local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time), to have your IP PIN reissued.

How do I find my car PIN?

Your vehicle’s key code is usually stored in your owner’s manual, as long as it is the one that came with the vehicle when it was new. If not, you will have to prove ownership at a dealership to retrieve the code, which can usually be done for free.

What documents do I need for car tax?

Proof of vehicle ownership

  • a copy of the full vehicle registration document (log book)
  • a copy of the insurance document showing you as a named driver.
  • a copy of a proof of address.
  • a covering letter explaining why you need a permit for a vehicle you do not own.