How do I contact OUSD?

How do I contact OUSD?

How do I contact OUSD?

Complaint forms are available at school sites, on the district webpage at, at the Office of the Ombudsperson located at 1000 Broadway, 1st Floor, Suite 150, Oakland, CA 94607, via email at, or via telephone 510-879-4281.

How do I reset my OUSD password?

To reset your password navigate to

  1. Login using your old password.
  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and then Change Password.
  3. Your password must be a minimum of 12 characters, numbers and special characters are not required.

What is a talent division?

The Talent Division is the keeper of the OUSD employee experience. We recruit, hire, train and support OUSD over 4,500 active employees to ensure a healthy and stable workforce that can effectively serve Oakland’s children and families to ensure every student and every family thrives!

Who is the superintendent of Oakland Unified School District?

Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell
Oakland Unified

County Alameda
Superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell Superintendent (510) 879-2551
Chief Business Official Preston Thomas Chief Business Officer (510) 879-8672
Status Active
District Type Unified School District

How does talent management differ from HR?

Talent Management is a distinct function of Human Resource Management. HRM’s objective is to hire the right people and manage them effectively through thoughtful policies and procedures. Talent Management focuses on ways to develop employees by mapping out career paths and training programs.

Is talent management part of HR?

Talent management is the full scope of HR processes to attract, onboard, develop, motivate, and retain high-performing employees. Talent management is aimed at improving business performance through practices that make employees more productive.

Who is John Sasaki?

John Sasaki – Director of Communications – Oakland Unified School District | LinkedIn.

How does OUSD staking work?

The OUSD smart contracts deploy your underlying capital to a diversified set of yield-earning strategies, rebalancing over time to achieve strong yields while diversifying risk. Earnings automatically accrue in your wallet and compound continuously while you hold OUSD.