How do I add hotkeys to SWTOR?

How do I add hotkeys to SWTOR?

How do I add hotkeys to SWTOR?

Go to preferences, then look at the bottom of the window, should be a tab for keybinding. Inside that menu you should be able to find Quickslots on the left side. You can then scroll down the list and bind individual quickslots to whatever keys you want.

Is there a way to play SWTOR on Mac?

Download the Star Wars: The Old Republic installer. When on PlayOnMac menu, in the top bar, click Tools –> Manage Wine versions. In the Wine version (x86) tab, click on 2.20-staging, and then move it to the right side. PlayOnMac will proceed to download that Wine version.

How do I change my hotbar SWTOR?

To keybind your quickbars, press ESC -> Preferences -> Keybindings tab on the bottom -> Quickbar tab on the left. To set a keybind, first find the quickbar slot your ability is on, click the button beside “Key 1” and then click the key on your keyboard you want to keybind.

How do I turn on action bars in swtor?

Hit esc and then interface editor. Also you should be able to click the + to the left of your quickbar and select a different default layout. Extended quickbars in the interface editor is probably what you’re looking for.

How do you lock action bars in swtor?

Under preferences look under the keybindings tab (at the bottom). Second from the top is “Quickbar.” Scroll all the way down and there is the ability to assign a hotkey to “Toggle Quickbar Lock.” I usually assign it to ‘u’.

Can you use macros in SWTOR?

You can’t have macros in SWtoR.

Are there Addons for SWTOR?

Glad SWTOR doesn’t support them. Yeah I’m going to have to agree. No add ons! Instead, suggest an add on like function and then Bioware creates QoL improvements.

Is SWTOR on GeForce now?

There are currently no plans to make swtor on GeForce now.

How do I add bars in swtor?

at the left side of the action bars at the bottom of the screen there should be a lock icon and something that looks like an icon with 4 arrows… if you right click (i think… cant remember right or left) on it, it should bring up a small menu that has an option to open the interface editor.

How do I add more bars to my swtor?