How do Daleks exterminate?

How do Daleks exterminate?

How do Daleks exterminate?

But their favorite weapon is their signature gun-stick, which sprays devastating energy beams that cause a body to flare with an unearthly light. Robert Shearman’s novelization of the classic Christopher Eccleston story “Dalek” finally explains how these guns work.

How many times do Daleks say exterminate?

Across the 53 years Doctor Who has been running, the Daleks have said the famous words to the Doctors no less than 514 times, including times they have said “exterminated”. On average, that’s nine times each year for the show’s run.

What are the balls on a Dalek for?

According to Terry Nation’s Dalek Annual 1978’s feature on Davros, the globes attached to his chair were “disc sensors” which each had different functions, each registering an aspect of humanoid touch such as sensitivity to heat and cold.

What do the German Daleks say?

The full dialogue for the German Daleks is as follows: “Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt! Sonst werden wir Sie exterminieren!

Why did Dalek Caan betray the Daleks?

The Final Experiment However, Dalek Caan and the other members decided the plan Sec had for the new Daleks was unacceptable; it would change everything that made a Dalek a Dalek and they would no longer be supreme.

What do Daleks shoot?

The gunstick (AUDIO: Eye of Darkness) was the standard personal Dalek weapon. Though it was removable, it almost always occupied a space in the left socket of the weapons platform opposite the manipulator arm.

What language do the Daleks speak?

In one of the novels, one of the names the Daleks use for the Doctor is ‘Ka Faraq Gatri’, which translates to something like ‘Destroyer of Worlds’. So, the Daleks almost certainly have their own language, but it is nearly always translated.

What is the black Dalek called?

A “Millennium Dalek” (W008-M5) had a sparkly black body with a golden neck grille, slats and sense globes.

Why did Dalek Caan go insane?

After flying into the Time War, Dalek Caan lost his sanity and giggled madly. He foresaw the future with perfect accuracy because he had seen the whole of time and space. Davros noted that even the Supreme Dalek didn’t dare to contradict Caan’s prophecies.