How can I complain to MCF in Faridabad?

How can I complain to MCF in Faridabad?

How can I complain to MCF in Faridabad?

Bad news – Even though we’ve managed to contact the company, they’re quite slow at resolving complaints….Municipal Corporation of Faridabad Phone Numbers.

Toll free
1800 419 0219 1196 476
+91 12 9241 6464 761 265
+91 12 9241 6465 217 175

Where can I complain about illegal construction in Faridabad?

Answers (1) submit a written complain to Municipal Corporation for illegal construction as well as a copy of complaint to Faridabad Town & country planning Department.

Who is the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Faridabad?

Sh. Yashpal
Administrative Officers

Name Designation Email
Sh. Yashpal, IAS Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Faridabad
Mohd. Imran Raza, IAS Additional Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad-cum-District Citizen Resources Information Officer, Faridabad and Special Officer, APZ, Faridabad drda-fbd[at]nic[dot]in

How can I check my property ID in Faridabad?

The property ID number is mentioned on the tax receipts of payments of the previous year. You can also find details about your property Id by visiting the official website of MCF by clicking on Now, under the Services, click on Pay taxes and then on ‘Search and Pay Property Tax.

Where can I complain about municipality?

Call: 021 483 0669 (Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 7am to 4pm)

  • Email:
  • Visit:
  • Physical Address: 6th Floor, 80 St. Georges Mall, Waldorf Building, Cape Town.
  • How can I check my property tax in Faridabad? is the official Website of Faridabad Municipal Corporation. The portal offers an online payment option to its users. By visiting the citizens can pay property tax, water bill, House Tax, Professional Tax, Water Bill, etc.

    Who is IAS officer of Faridabad?

    Sh. Yashpal, IAS | District Faridabad, Government of Haryana | India.

    What is mutation of property?

    Description: Mutation of a property is the transfer or change of title entry in revenue records of the local municipal corporation. The change in title ownership may occur due to a number of reasons like death of the original owner and subsequent transfer of the ownership due to inheritance or succession.

    How do I file a complaint against a local government?

    Learn how to file a complaint to your federal or local government and its agencies….You can also contact your congressional representative’s constituent services office in your district:

    1. Locate a senator.
    2. Locate a representative.
    3. Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 1-202-224-3121.