How are banjo bolts measured?

How are banjo bolts measured?

How are banjo bolts measured?

The banjo bolts are on the fuel line and connect to the mechanical fuel pump bolted to the engine. The metric banjo bolts measure a follows. Shank 7.9mm in diameter, bore 3.8mm, length under side of the head to end of thread 16.35mm. Thread length 9.3mm and the are 9 threads in that length.

What size are motorcycle banjo bolts?

25 Banjo Bolt Hard Iron Motorcycle Banjo Screws for Brake Caliper Master Cylinder.

What does banjo bolt do?

A banjo bolt is a fastener that holds a banjo together, of course. Kidding. A banjo bolt is one half of a banjo fitting. Banjo fittings are frequently used to pass pressurized fluid.

What threads are banjo bolts?

Banjo Bolt, Thread Size: M12 x 1.5; Bolt Length: 20mm – Includes two Crush Washers.

How do you measure brake lines?

How to Measure a Brake Line Diameter

  1. Locate the brake lines by consulting your car’s owners manual or a shop manual.
  2. Clamp the caliper over an unobstructed area of the brake line.
  3. Read the measurement on the caliper.
  4. Convert the reading, if necessary.

Are all banjo bolts the same size?

Nope. All quite different. Slx/xt 2 pot are usually the same( long silver one),new 4 pot slx/xt different again (medium length black one) and saints are different again and take a short stubby one. Google shimano saint banjo and you will see the pic.

What thread pitch is a banjo bolt?

Looking on the pro-bolt website it lists the banjo bolts as being the same pitch (1.25mm) for those models, so maybe one of the bikes has a none OEM set-up….

Why do they call it a banjo bolt?

The name stems from the shape of the fitting, having a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo.

What is standard brake line size?

The two most common brake lines found are 3/16″/4.75mm and 1/4″. The smaller size is 3/16″/4.75mm brake line, CNF-3; and the larger size is 1/4″, CNF-4. 3/16″ is found on virtually all cars and trucks made in the world.